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How to Clean Power Tools?

Learn the importance of cleaning your tools
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A power tool is a power-driven machine. These are generally driven by a portable battery or with electric power. Power tools are highly costly; to extend their life, we must clean them thoroughly. Cleaning your power tools can be done by proper greasing to get rid of wear and tear. The process of cleaning your power tool also includes the removal of dust and rust.

A little maintenance will result in longer life of expensive power tools. Cleaning old power tools can be done at home in a few simple steps given in next below the line.

This article will give you a quick rundown to clean the power tools.

Directions & 11 Easy Steps to Clean Your Power Tools:

  • Disengage the Power:
Disengage the Power
Disengage the Power

This is an essential step. Ensure your power tool is not in connection to any power source. The power source could be electricity or a battery. If the power tool is connected to the battery, remove the battery. You may get an electric shock otherwise.

  • Dissemble the Power Tool:
Dissemble the Power Tool
Dissemble the Power Tool

Dissemble the power tool. Dissemble in small parts for cleaning purposes. Segregate the parts. Make sure to put handy parts on the other side and electric components on the other side. The electric part may contain an electric motor, and the handy part may have drill bits. Electric parts must be separated because we cannot use water on electric components.

  • Detach the Dirt:

Segregate the parts; now, use the air compressor, air blower, or vacuum to remove the unwanted dirt and dust. While using a blower or air compressor on electric parts, ensure low speed as the wire joint may get detached.

  • Remove the Rust:

We can remove the rust by using any anti-rust spray available in the market. Spray it on the rusted areas and wait for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, clean the part with a towel/microfiber cloth or wet tissues. 

  • Check All Rotatory Parts:
Check All Rotatory Parts
Check All Rotatory Parts

If the power tool is old enough, then check all its rotatory parts. Rotatory parts may get jammed if used for a short time. For instance, rotatory parts can be swivel and rotary drives.

  • Cleansing Solution:

Get a bowl and pour a little hot water and cleansing agent. We can get a cleansing agent from the market quickly. Mix the cleaning solution and water. Wash the handy equipment and the body of the power tool. You can wash the screws too. Leave them in the water for 5-10 minutes.

  • Scrub It Thoroughly:

While in the cleansing solution, scrub the parts with any brush to remove the unwanted hard debris. After cleaning, leave the elements for five more minutes.

  • Dry with Towel/Microfiber Cloth:

Now we have to dry the parts with a towel or microfiber cloth. Wipe off all the water and let the parts dry.

  • Oiling:

After drying, use any lubricants on the screws, holes, and rotatory tools, such as the bearing. Lubrication will help us to get rid of corrosion and rust. Metal equipment needs lubrication very frequently. Lubrication is very important if you are living near any seaside. 

  • Reassemble:

Reassemble the parts which you have segregated before. Check all the parts and components before plugging in.

  • Double-Check:

That all the wires, if plugged in correctly, and that all components are screwed tightly. Ensure all the wired parts are dry and don’t have any water droplets. Water can cause an electric spark. 

After satisfying yourself, now your power tool is ready to use. Just plug and play.

Top Best Things Required to Clean Your Power Tools:

It would be best if you were extra vigilant and keen when you clean your power tools. Your power tool typically has a user guide. You must read the user guide thoroughly, as it has all the instructions and precautions.

Power tools have an electric motor and wiring; we must protect electric wires at any cost, and for this purpose, you must consider special precautions. Change the torn and worn rubbers at your home. We use rubbers to create a grip and a seal, so dust does not penetrate in the power tool.

  • The electric motor can be cleaned only by removing the screws.
  • Use the air compressor to remove the unwanted dust.
  • Clean it with a brush and microfiber cloth.
  • Furthermore, do lubricate its bearing if required.

For cleaning its body and its handy parts, elaborated steps are given below in the heading Top best things to clean your hand tools. Water is the only thing you don’t need to clean your power tool.

Top Best Things Required to Clean Your Hand Tools:

Cleaning your power tools at home, you will need some products and equipment. These tools and products are essential for cleaning power tools. Usually, thorough cleaning is a must for your old power tools.

Let’s suppose you need to clean the parts of the drill, and you will need these products and tools;

  • Vacuum: vacuum can help remove dust particles which can be done by vacuuming or blowing. Blowing can be helpful if a blower is used or compressed air.
  • Hot water: hot water can help you to wash your tool, such as drill bits. Don’t wash the electric equipment. Only try to wash its parts that don’t have electric wiring.
  • Microfiber cloth/Old Towel: now dry your power tool with a towel/microfiber cloth. It would be best if you dried it properly and thoroughly so there would be no water dripping.
  • Brush: if the power tool has electrical wiring, do not wash it. Clean the power tool with the brush power. Brush will help to remove the dirt from small holes and corners. The brush will also remove soft rust.
  • Rust Removal Chemical: The rust removal chemical can be helpful if required. Spray the chemical on rusted parts and leave it for five minutes. After five minutes, clean the part of your power tool.
  • Lubricant: the primary function of lubricants is to reduce oxidization. Now apply the lubricant to the screws and bearings.

Safety Precautions While Cleaning Power Tools:

Happiness depends on safety, so while working with the power equipment, you must use safety equipment. Power tools have sharp edges which can cut down your skin.

Before cleaning the power tools, get the power tools to a suitable place where no infant can touch your power tools.

Always wear safety glasses, gloves, helmets, and safety shoes while working. Most importantly, if you are working with electrical equipment, you must have a fire extinguisher in your range.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Bottom Line:

We take ourselves for grooming to look fresh and active. Similarly, we clean our power tools to maintain them and for proper working. We go to the laboratory for our medical test once in 6 months to maintain our health. Cleaning the power tools is precisely the same.

These power tools need timely maintenance, cleaning, and lubrication for a longer life span. Brand-new power tools only need cleaning, whereas old ones need proper lubrication.

Observing safety must be the priority while cleaning the power tools. Safety does not take place by chance; it should be the plan for the individual.

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