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Dewalt Vs. Milwaukee: Who Makes Better Tools in 2024?

It’s a little more complicated than you think.
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Consider the contents of any professional’s toolkit: you’re sure to discover a significant number of tools from either the Milwaukee or the DEWAT brands. It has been years since professionals have placed their confidence in these two companies, and it does not appear that this will alter any time soon.

Known for producing high-quality power tools intended to endure the demands of professional everyday usage, both DeWalt and Milwaukee are well-regarded in the industry. These are not your typical cheap brands; rather, these are the firms you pick when you value quality above all else. Even though both brands are well-liked and utilized by experts, neither is without flaws.

It’s a frequent misunderstanding that power tools and hand tools are incompatible with one another. The fact is that certain occupations necessitate the use of both sorts of equipment. If you’re in the market for a new power tool, read on to find out what we have to say about Dewalt vs. Milwaukee. It is hoped that this blog entry on “Dewalt versus Milwaukee” would assist readers in understanding how these two companies measure against one another on characteristics like warranty, battery life, and use cases.

Dewalt Company Reputation and History

dewalt history

Dewalt is a Pennsylvania-based corporation with a long history. In a coincidental coincidence, the Dewalt Tools brand was created in the same year as Milwaukee, in 1924, and has been around since. With their first machine, Dewalt left a lasting impression on our contractors. They came up with something they called the Dewalt Miracle Worker, and what a marvel that was.

If the system was set in each of the nine distinct ways, it could perform a total of 19 different functions. The machine could do crosscuts, beveled cuts, corner cuts, and rip cuts, among other things.

From that point on, Dewalt became a household name, and the equipment brand began to acquire popularity worldwide as a result. Dewalt debuted their initial line of wireless tools in 1992, and by 1994, the company had added 30 additional models to the lineup.

By the early 2000s, Dewalt had established itself as a tool company renowned for its wireless power tool range, including more than 200 different models.

The company also launched its line of revolutionary tools that used lithium-ion batteries, but that was not the main focus of their announcement. In particular, the Dewalt brand is recognized for its SHOCKS vibration control technology, which may lower vibrations at certain speed settings by as much as 50% at certain speed levels.

Milwaukee Company Reputation and History

Milwaukee History

According to their name, Milwaukee tools was founded in 1924 in the city of Milwaukee, in the United States of America. Since 2005, it has been owned by Techtronic Industries, a Hong Kong-based corporation.

Milwaukee-designed goods continue to be of high quality despite the switchover. Milwaukee’s drill and Milwaukee’s batteries continue to be manufactured to the same high standards as they have been for years. The Milwaukee Sawzall, perhaps the most desired tool globally, was first conceived in 1951 and immediately grabbed the industry by storm.

The Milwaukee Holes Shooter was developed in 1924 and was a lightweight and portable drill that could be operated with just one hand, according to the company’s history. When I was growing up, most tools were hefty and required two hands to operate properly.

As a result, the Milwaukee brand has been associated with the phrases “heavy-duty” and “reliable,” The company has grown to become a recognized power tool manufacturer.

Sawzall is a circular saw that has influenced numerous other firms when developing their versions. Milwaukee is also distinguished from its competition by using lithium-ion batteries, which have longer battery life and are more energy-efficient than their competitors. Milwaukee has been awarded many patents for its technological advancements.

Following the lithium-ion batteries emerged the Milwaukee One-Key, which is a Bluetooth-enabled keychain remote control. Milwaukee Electric Tool Company has remained a major participant in the power tool industry, both corded and cordless, until this day.

DeWalt Innovative Features

  • FlexVolt is a dual voltage battery pack that is the first and only one in the market. Based on where the battery is positioned, it has the opportunity to turn between 60 V and 20 V power systems. One battery for all of their wireless items.
  • DeWalt XR Brushless dc motors provide up to Fifty-Seven percent greater runtime than regularly brushed motors. The XR Brushless motors are part of the DeWalt XR family of products. Compared to traditional carbon brush motors, which create friction and temperature buildup, leading to energy loss and reduced endurance, XR brushless motors operate cooler and more effectively, allowing for extended runtime among charges.
  • Users may track, manage, and modify their tool and battery inventories using Tool Connect, which is available for free. Multiple mobile phones can transmit data to a single inventory management platform, allowing organizations to keep track of the tools they are using at any given time.
  • Power detect: Recently designed electronics in tools equipped with POWER DETECT Tech can recognize the type of battery the tool is connected to and alter power output as necessary.
  • Compared to normal clutches, the E-Clutch system reduces abrupt torque response in drills by sensing the movement of the instrument and shutting it down during bind-up situations, reducing the risk of a bind-up. When a squeeze or stall is sensed in a grinder, this feature turns down the engine in less than a tenth of a second.

Milwaukee Innovative Features

  • M12 FUEL and M18 FUEL ranges of power tools from Milwaukee are designed to meet the most demanding requirements of heavy machinery. Because of three key features: POWERSTATETM brushless motors, REDLINK PLUSTM wireless communication, and REDLITHIUMTM-Ion batteries, such tools provide enhanced strength and reliability, and also longer life and longer operating periods.
  • Machine overheats and overloading are prevented by the REDLINK PLUS electrical system, which also improves performance and extends the tool life of the equipment. It connects all of the product’s hardware or software and the motor and battery.
  • The Milwaukee lithium-ion battery monitor lets you see how much remaining time you get while carrying out a task. They are also resistant to harm from water and falling objects.
  • POWERSTATE brushless dc motors have better magnetic, stronger copper and steel parts, and no worn brushes, resulting in reduced heating, resulting in increased flexibility, application speed, power, and longevity, as well as increased application reliability.
  • ONE-KEY is a wireless software system incorporated into several Milwaukee power tools and allows users to control the tool with pinpoint accuracy using their smartphones. It also makes it possible to track, preserve, and maintain complete records of every inventory and quickly create budgets and control expenditures on equipment.

Manufacturing of Dewalt and Milwaukee

The production process directly influences the quality of wired and cordless electric power tools. Our team highly values the production process as professionals who use hand tools, external power equipment, miter saws, and other specialized instruments.

As previously stated, Milwaukee was founded in the city that bears its name, Milwaukee, Wi. When it refers to Dewalt versus Milwaukee, the latter had a stronger foothold in the United States of America. The majority of Milwaukee’s research and development is likewise carried out in the United States. At the same time, the actual production of items for Milwaukee and Milwaukee’s main business takes place worldwide.

Milwaukee’s manufacturing operations are spread throughout several continents, including Asia, North America, and Europe. Our experienced team members recognize that many consumers place a high value on tools manufactured in the United States, so we have provided a list of the equipment that the brand makes in this country.

The Corded Sawzall rotary saw and its blades, the hole saw, bigger drill, and bandsaw blade are made in the United States of America. They have attempted to bring some production back to the United States, but the cordless alternatives like the wireless drill and circular saw machines are still manufactured in other countries.

The Dewalt tool brand continues to employ parts obtained from across the world in many of its products, as seen by the sticker label that reads “made in the USA utilizing global materials.” After establishing seven new factories to produce their goods in 2015, Dewalt joined a parent business with 48 facilities in the United States.

Tool Difference Between Dewalt and Milwaukee

Dewalt Vs. Milwaukee Tools Comparisons

Power tools are now available to everyone who wants one. But how do you go about finding the finest one? When it comes to acquiring equipment, there are two ways that everyone takes into consideration.

Purchase products in bundles or individually, comparing each product to the category it belongs to. Purchasing a combination pack is a simple process. When ordering a combo pack, you have the option of finding the best bargain for you.

You can also save a significant amount of money by doing so. Additionally, having a single brand reduces the number of service obstacles that you may encounter. However, if you want to have the best of both worlds, compare the items in each category. This allows you to benefit from the best of both worlds. You have the option of purchasing quality products in each category.

Now, let’s take a look at both of these circumstances in more detail.

  • Combo Packs

Both manufacturers provide combo packs that include a variety of different combinations. Two tool combination packs are available: two tool combo packs and five or more tools combo packs. The 7 and 9 tool combination packs are both included in the 5+ tool combination pack category.

  • Two Tool Combo Pack

Both DeWalt and Milwaukee provide a large selection of two-tool combination kits to choose from. It is convenient if you require a few specialized tools. DeWalt now offers 25 different combination kits in its product lineup. Milwaukee offers a total of 31 distinct two-tool combination sets.

  • Milwaukee Drill Combo Vs. Dewalt Drill Combo

Among the tools included in the Milwaukee, combo set are a Hammer Drill and an M18 Reciprocating Saw. The hammer drill (as opposed to the impact drill) is particularly effective when drilling through denser materials such as concrete. During drilling, the hammer drill hits back and forth repeatedly.

This assists in penetrating brick and concrete walls. In addition, the package includes an M18 Rotary Saw, which is well-known in the manufacturing business. Why? It has an output of 18V and can stroke at a rate of 3000 RPMs.

If you don’t require a hammer drill, DeWalt is the best option for you. The 12V Max Drill/Driver has a voltage of 12 V and has a maximum speed of 1500 rpm. Aside from that, it includes 15 clutch settings, an integrated LED light, and a belt hook. However, at 12V, it is less effective. If this is the case, you can proceed to purchase the 18V drill.

The DeWalt reciprocating saw has a maximum stroke rate of 2700 strokes per minute. It includes a three-position pivoting handle as well as an integrated LED light. It is also significantly lighter than the M18 saw.

  • Seven Tool Combo Kits

The seven-tool and nine-tool combination kits are designed for those who desire more than just the bare essentials. They are mostly concerned with professionals. Both DeWalt and Milwaukee are excellent brands to take into consideration. DeWalt provides 14 different kits, while Milwaukee offers seven different kits.

  • Dewalt and Milwaukee Impact Wrenches

Dewalt drills are well-known, but another well-known equipment that both companies produce is the impact wrench. For the sake of this comparison, we’ve chosen the Dewalt DCF899 and Milwaukee Impact Wrench as our two tools.

The Milwaukee is a high-torque variant that easily defeated the Dewalt unit without putting up any effort. Force is not the only consideration when using an impact wrench on the job site, but it is important, so the Milwaukee version is the clear option based on pure power alone.

When it comes to quality, velocity, and power, the Milwaukee impact drivers outperform their Dewalt counterparts again in our tests. Furthermore, the Dewalt impact driver offers certain advantages over the Milwaukee impact driver, including LED lighting and an ejection feature not found on the Milwaukee model.

  • Dewalt and Milwaukee Miter Saw

When it comes to miter saws, there are no uncertainties about which brand our crew prefers: Milwaukee. Why? This is because the concept has been around for a long time and has useful functions, a lot of power, and high-quality materials.

What’s the point of fixing something that isn’t broken? The mobility of Milwaukee miter saws is one of their major drawbacks. They are significantly larger, heavier, and more unwieldy than other Dewalt models.

If you place high importance on portability, you should investigate the cordless options available. Milwaukee’s sliding miters are fantastic, but Dewalt holds its own against the competition with lots of power and tools that are more compact in design. The victor of this category will be determined by the trade-off between power and mobility instead of performance.

Dewalt and Milwaukee Warranty

Dewalt Vs. Milwaukee Quality Comparions

The difference between Milwaukee and Dewalt products in terms of customer service and warranty might significantly differ in product reviews. In addition to other instruments, our contractors have resorted to Milwaukee drills and Dewalt drills to get dependable outcomes.

As part of our effort to provide you with a more thorough picture of what to expect from each brand’s after-service, our staff has delved into the tiny print.

A five-year limited warranty typically backs Milwaukee cordless tools. While Milwaukee Tool Firm may classify specialty tools in a distinct category, the company will identify the various periods.

Both Milwaukee and DeWalt hand tool alternatives are used by our experts, who have noticed that Milwaukee gives a lifetime guarantee on its hand tools when they are marked with a clear red tag – talk about guaranteed results!

Milwaukee Tool Company’s wireless outdoor power gear is backed by a three-year guarantee, which is far longer than many other companies in the industry.

Milwaukee is more liberal in enforcing the warranty, and they will take tools that have not been registered with them. However, to avoid problems with your radial arm saw or power drill, our staff recommends that you register the equipment and save the receipt for future reference.

Dewalt has a shorter warranty, but they also provide a variety of other services. They provide a 3-year warranty on cordless power tools, and a 1-year free service offer and a 90-day cash back guarantee on their other products. If you consider their range of Mechanics Tools, you will be covered by a lifetime warranty on the product you purchase.

A lifetime warranty is also offered on Dewalt’s handheld tools, with certain pneumatic equipment offering a staggering 7-year warranty in addition to a 1-year free servicing and 72-hour money-back warranty.

Price Range of Dewalt and Milwaukee

Both Dewalt and Milwaukee make high-quality goods, but how do their pricing stack up against one another? Our team of expert contractors constantly recommends against using the most cost-effective instrument available on the market.

When our specialists took a deeper look at Dewalt versus Milwaukee, they discovered that Dewalt outperforms Milwaukee by a hair in terms of more affordable tools. That is not to suggest that Milwaukee is superior at first look, but rather that their range of specialist tools makes them superior.

The Milwaukee Electric Tool Company, as we previously said, is a manufacturer of the Milwaukee battery kit, which serves as a battery platform for cordless instruments.

The Dewalt kit and batteries are similarly efficient, but they offer a larger selection of tools that fit into the general-purpose category. As a result, the overall price range between Dewalt and Milwaukee differs only slightly from one another.

Our experts believe that the price distinction between the two brands is not significant, ranging somewhere between $20 to $100, which is within reach of the majority of consumers.

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Which Drill Allows You to Have Greater Torque Control?

The clutch is the component of the drill that is responsible for controlling the torque. Torque is the force created when an item is turned; in other terms, it is the bending power. Each clutch has a series of numbers on it that you can change to control the amount of torque applied to it. It’s critical to set the clutch to the correct setting for each project you’re working on.

Torque is often required when drilling into rigid materials, and less torque is required when drilling into milder materials such as wood or paper. If you use too much torque, you may experience overdriving bolts or ripping screw heads.

Compared to DeWalt’s 15 position clutch, Milwaukee’s 16 position clutch provides you with a little advantage in control over the torque.

What Are the Benefits of Purchasing Milwaukee Products?

In this section, I’ll discuss some of the reasons why Milwaukee goods are worth your money, in my opinion.

  • More Favorable Warranty Options

Milwaukee provides a variety of various warranties. Each product comes with its warranty, which may last anywhere from one year to five years or even a lifetime. This brand provides a longer warranty instead of DeWalt, which is just three years long in most cases. This characteristic provides the firm with a competitive advantage in the market.

  • The Technology of Batteries

Milwaukee goods are powered by a battery technology called Redlithium Battery Technology, which is used to power their tools. This technology has a longer battery life, which allows the tools to last longer between charges.

  • Products With a Longer Life Span

Milwaukee has long been regarded as a manufacturer of high-quality, long-lasting goods. They manufacture the most reliable tools available on the market, the first option for most construction professionals and woodworkers worldwide. They also have a more diverse product line that includes products for both professional contractors and do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

Why Should You Invest in DeWalt Products?

DeWalt’s product range enjoys a prestigious reputation in the construction business. Here are some of the factors why you should select this particular brand.

  • Technology That Is Exclusive to the Company

Product lines from DeWalt have been integrated with cutting-edge technology like FlexVolt and Tool Connect. With the help of their FlexVolt batteries, which include automated voltage-switching innovation.

Tool Connect, on the other hand, is a mobile application. Using these capabilities, customers may connect their tools to their phones and do diagnostics and battery life tracking on the instruments in a matter of seconds.

  • Products of Superior Quality

DeWalt is a power tool manufacturer known for producing high-quality goods. This can be ascribed in part to the fact that it maintains quality control across many areas. While most of them are manufactured in the United States, some tools are sourced from countries with high-quality standards.

  • Lightweight

It is important to note that DeWalt drills have lighter than most other brands of drills. This significantly impacts users, particularly when doing work that needs extensive drilling over a lengthy period.

In addition, the material used in the construction is lightweight and has a good grip, making it simpler to use for a longer period. This function is especially useful for first-time consumers who are still learning to operate most of these power tools effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Final Words

When purchasing a new tool, it is usually preferable to get a combination set. When compared to purchasing separate tools, a combination set offers several advantages. A combination kit can assist in lowering the cost of the equipment.

Combo packages are frequently bundled with a variety of discounts and other accessories. Accessories are required to be purchased in addition to each product when purchasing them. As a result, the price goes up.

If you aren’t concerned about the equipment or its specific performance, a combination pack is an ideal option for you to consider. However, if you want a product that meets a specific requirement, you must purchase it individually.

When comparing DeWalt vs. Milwaukee combination packs, DeWalt gives better value for money when comparing DeWalt vs. Milwaukee combo packs when you are attentive. They provide performance that is comparable to or better than Milwaukee at a lower cost. As a result, they are ideal for novices and small-scale workshops alike.

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