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Best Cordless Rotary Hammer Drills Reviewed (2024)

If you're looking for the best cordless rotary hammer drills that are available then you're at the right place.
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Disclaimer: Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission.

Many times, situations arise where heavy-duty tools are the demand for ongoing tasks. Rotary hammers are the tools that are used for professional and challenging tasks. These tools don’t come in a nominal price tag. 

Thus, we are here to help you choose the right tool, such that the amount is spent on the best product. Overall these tools are mostly used for masonry drilling, where its pounding effect is smartly utilized. However, do check out, best cordless hammer drill if you are interested in buying a normal hammer drill for regular day-to-day use.

Best Cordless Rotary Hammer Drills

Buying Guide

Well, till now, you may be sure about the fact that these rotary hammer drills don’t come in a small price tag. Even the cheapest of them are around a hundred bucks. Now to rightly choose the product and invest your amount in the right tool, it’s essential to take care of few points:

Best Cordless Rotary Hammer Drills (Affordable Options)

Our Top Picks for Best Cordless Rotary Hammer Drills

Best Overall
DEWALT DCH273P2 20V SDS Rotary Hammer Drill Kit with 5-Ah Batteries
DEWALT DCH273P2 20V SDS Rotary Hammer Drill Kit with 5-Ah Batteries


  • Very durable Rock carbide SDS hammer bit 
  • Active vibration control
  • Brushless motor 
  • Extremely powerful and comfortable 
  • Retractable utility hook with secondary handle
  • It comes with all the necessary tools
Expert’s Pick
Bosch RH328VC-36K 36V SDS-plus Rotary Hammer
Bosch RH328VC-36K 36V SDS-plus Rotary Hammer


  • Immersive hammer performance up to 4100 BPM
  • Very responsive and long-lasting 36V battery
  • Super reliable performance, designed for heavy-duty tasks
  • SDS plus supported + anti-vibration mechanism 
Best Value
Hitachi DH18DBLP4 18V Cordless Brushless SDS Plus, Rotary Hammer, Drill Only
Hitachi DH18DBLP4 18V Cordless Brushless SDS Plus, Rotary Hammer, Drill Only


  • Reactive force control
  • Efficient brushless design
  • Onboard LED 
  • Can output considerable torque speed and hammering effect up to 3950 BPM
  • The easy mode selector dial 

1. DEWALT DCH133B 20V Rotary Hammer Drill, Tool Only

Getting a German manufactured product within a nice and decent price tag, made and packed by Dewalt. What else do you need, hah?

Comes with a pistol grip and housed with a beast engine, Dewalt DCH133B cordless rotary hammer is no less than any other product. With the capacity to output up to 1500 REVS per minute, this machine allows you to drill confidently, without slowing down, even with the largest bits installed.

Great Variety to Choose From

Talking of this drill, it comes with various selections to choose from according to your requirement. It mainly comes with three configurations, i.e., Drill only, starter pack, and 5pc hammer drill bit set. The cordless starter bit has a battery and a charger that enhances your mobility and portability.

Brushless Motor

The takeaway of this deal is a super-strong hammer drill that is driven by a brushless motor. These motors are marvelously efficient and provide extended battery life. The machine is powered by a 20V battery that enables it to output up to 1500RPM. This brushless motor also ensures zero self-discharge and less idle time.

Compact Design

The compact design is proof of its impressive engineering. That allows it to reach close-fitted spaces. It even comes with a 360-degree rotating auxiliary handle for better control and grip in heavy tasks. The rubberized primary grip enhances the aesthetics and is destined to be super comfortable in drilling.

If you are interested in purchasing right angle drills, checkout our comprehensive article on best right angle drills available in the market. The compact design of these drills enable them to reach tight places easily.

Power SourceBattery Powered
Voltage20 Volts
Maximum Chuck Size20 Millimeters
  • Three diverse deals to make a selection
  • 20V battery and 1500RPM
  • 360-degree secondary grip with depth scale 
  • Three drilling options
  • Rubberized primary grip 
  • Compact design with the power of large rotary hammer drill
  • Supports SDS Plus hammer drills (to be purchased separately)
  • Comes with drill only. Battery, charger, and drill bits to be purchased separately 
  • Absence of vibration control mechanism

2. Makita XRH01T 18V Brushless Cordless Rotary Hammer Kit with 5.0Ah Battery

Suppose you plan to purchase your daily driver, which can get you covered with all your tasks and comes with all the required components. In that case, this Makita cordless rotary hammer drill is the perfect fit.

The hammer even can attach with the onboard dust extraction tool. Overall the design is super cool and has all the features to be the individual tool on your shelf if you are a professional heavy-duty drill user.


This cordless impact driver features a brushless motor. Brushless motors are powerful and efficient and have an extended use since they are a lot more durable. Due to the brushless motor, the noise produced by this cordless impact driver is also reduced and minimized.

Onboard Dust Extraction Tool

One of the most exclusive feature of this drill machine is that it embraces a dust extraction assembly with HEPA certified filter. This assembly can prove to be an extremely powerful and productive tool for you if you are a regular drill user.

The Dust extractor can attach with the drill machine and gathers the dirt during drilling. It has a separate motor so that you won’t feel under power during drilling. It can capture up to 99.97% particles that are either of 3 microns or larger than that.

Convenient Drilling Experience

Though the drilling experience on this machine is super convenient, it’s also very controllable and durable.  The variable speed trigger enables the user to apply the required torque. The machine is also equipped with a clutch system that disengages the gears if the drill experiences a stall.  Apart from that, it comes with three modes of operations (rotary, hammer, and combined).

Power SourceBattery Powered
Maximum Rotational Speed950 RPM
Voltage18 Volts
Amperage5 Amps
  • Dynamic Dust extraction assembly (to be bought separately)
  • Reliable 18V brushless motor for cooler and highly efficient drilling 
  • Automatic clutch system for enhanced durability
  • Three modes of operations + reverse operational and with depth scale
  • Adjustable speed control trigger and second handle for better grip 
  • Tools have a battery, charger, and tough casing 
  • It may turn out to be less responsive for larger bit size

3. DEWALT DCH273P2 20V SDS Rotary Hammer Drill Kit with 5-Ah Batteries

Suppose you are a big fan of SDS drills and are always wanted to own such. Here’s your takeaway: a Dewalt cordless rotary hammer drill + battery + charger and a tough case to carry all your favorite items in style.

You can also buy a five pcs hammer bit set if you don’t own it already. These are SDS Plus hammer drills and are extremely powerful. The batteries are 5 Ah that will last till the works’ not over. In our opinion, we love the combinations with SDS plus hammer drill. And trust us! You will also love its performance.

Rock Carbide SDS Plus Hammer Drill Bits

We bet that you will fall in love with the drilling performance when you experience it. And we are quite sure about that. The reason is that the rock carbide SDS plus hammer drill will hold firmly into the chuck and will act as a beast while using hammer mode. These drill bits are great for professional masonry work.

Active Vibration Control

Who said that the drill is not comfortable? Seriously?

Speaking of the comfort features on this beast, it’s fantastic. The anti-vibration control system is implemented in the steel housing behind the chuck. The SDS plus bits are pounded, and a hammer effect is created. This effect is enormous on the chuck size and unnoticeable at the grip end. Remarkable Nah?

Thus, the active vibration control nicely reduces the vibrations caused by the robust engine and enhances the comfort feel for the operator.

Retractable Utility Hook and Monstrous Power

What’s the point of buying a classy drill when you can’t store it elegantly? Thus the engineers have equipped a retractable utility hook on this machine to conveniently store it or gracefully hang it on your tools’ wall. All your choice! 

Well, the power on this drill machine is no less either. It’s claimed to have a 2.1 Joules of impact energy. Meaning it has the energy of a corded drill but has a cordless design’s mobility and compatibility. Thanks to the brushless motor and efficient batteries!

Power SourceBattery Powered
Amperage5 Amps
Voltage20 Volts
Maximum Chuck Size20 Millimeters
  • 20 V battery with 2.1 J impact energy
  • Durable Brushless motor design
  • Three modes of operation and depth control
  • Secondary handle and retractable hook
  • Two bundle options
  • Includes all necessary essential tools like the case, charger, etc.
  • Includes two batteries for better coverage and productivity
  • Design is a little beefy and may sound to be a slightly heavy option for some users

4. Milwaukee 2605-22 M18 18-Volt Cordless SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Kit

This machine is powerful and retains a durable design finish. It’s able to output up to 1400 RPM while running on an 18V battery. This drill machine’s overall design has all the fundamental features that make it one of the Best Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill.

And yes! The price of this product is relatively lower than the former discussed products.

Relatively Cheaper Than Other Branded Drills

This Milwaukee hammer drill’s price tag is relatively cheaper than Dewalt’s and Makita’s hammer drill of this category. Despite the price tag being less and affordable, this drill has almost all the similar rotary hammer drill functions required to execute routine day-to-day tasks and relatively challenging tasks.

Simple Design

One more selling point of this product is that it possesses a clean and simple design. The motor is powered by an 18V battery, which enables it to output up to 1400 RPM. The durable and super easy to use drill has a mechanical clutch for a durable drilling experience. Also, it has an Anti-Vibration system that optimizes comfort while reducing shakings.

Long-Lasting Warranty

Another great news about this product is that it comes with a five-year manufacturing warranty for tools and a three-year warranty on a red lithium battery. This means that you get an extended durability and reliability sense with this hammer drill.

Power SourceNo
Voltage18 Volts
Maximum Chuck Size6.35 Millimeters
  • SDS plus rotary hammer drill bit supported 
  • 18 V battery and 1400 revs per minute output
  • Easy to use and reliable enough to last 
  • Three operational modes for better adaptability 
  • Anti-Vibration control 
  • Mechanical clutch for stall protection
  • It comes with needed accessories like a case, batteries, and charger
  • You may require some extra room for storing bits in the case

5. Ryobi P222 One+ 18V SDS Rotary Hammer, Tool Only

Who said the classy rotary hammer drills are always expensive? Meet the all-new Ryobi-One+ cordless rotary 18V hammer drill. It’s undoubtedly the best option if you are having a budget of $150 to $200.

The comfort features on Ryobi’s products are always matchless. Regardless of the toughest material, this hammer drill can easily pierce through the wedges.

Remarkable Cost

This best cordless rotary hammer drill is available at a very remarkable cost. If you are looking to buy a branded product that is durable and reliable enough to last while you are low on the pocket, then do buy Ryobi P222. It’s a perfect blend of all required daily features.

Drilling At Ease

Some add-ons comfort features are added to the design for increased operator’s productivity and yielding an efficient output. The built-In led light can illuminate dark workspaces for better sight. You can select between 3 operational modes, i.e., rotary, hammer, and combined.


The versatility of these One+ products is incredible. If you already own other products from one+, you can use their bits or batteries interchangeably with different products. Together the ecosystem generated from using the products from the same manufacturer remarkably increases the overall productivity.

Power SourceBattery Powered
ColorBlack Green, Green
Voltage18 Volts
Maximum Chuck Size13 Millimeters
  • SDS plus rotary hammer drill bit supported 
  • Three operational modes 
  • 18 V battery and 1300 revs per minute output
  • Built-in LED light for dark spaces
  • Powerful and compact design
  • Battery and charger not included
  • This product may get shipped in non-retail packaging 

6. Bosch RH328VC-36K 36V SDS-plus Rotary Hammer

The best-selling and super durable product of all times; the Bosch RH328VC. A 36V battery powers this drill. It has the power of a corded drill. The Bosch rotary hammer drill has a new Anti-vibration system that actively reduces the vibration while delivering the hammer mechanism at 4100 BPM.

Super Long Lasting Battery

The battery on this rotary hammer drill is 36V and is included with the drill. The drilling package also includes a Charger. The battery is very reliable and is made to last, so you can work without worrying about recharging it.

Extreme Performance

The Bosch hammer drill is made for extremely professional tasks. That’s what the price tag proves too!

The SDS plus rotary hammer drill allows it to pierce through the toughest materials, and the anti-vibration system won’t let you even feel the vibrations. The depth gauge will let you precisely drill according to your need. The four-pole motor can deliver 4100 BPM while its battery is designed to last long without the need for recharging.

Productive Package Deal

The drill comes with a little expensive price tag. However, the included components nicely justify it. So the drill comes with two batteries, a charger, secondary handle, depth gauge, and lastly, the case so that you can carry all your stuff with style.

BrandCobalt Alloy Steel
Power SourceCobalt Alloy Steel
Maximum Rotational SpeedStraight
VoltageIrwin Tools
Maximum Chuck Size135 Degrees
  • 36V heavy-duty batteries (included) with precision control
  • Strong keyless chuck that supports SDS plus hammer drill bit
  • Anti-vibration system that actively reduces the vibrations at two levels
  • Long-lasting battery 
  • Extremely durable and reliable and meant to be a BAD BOY! 
  • The design may be a little heavy for some users
  • It contains a Brushed motor that is inefficient than the newly designed brushless designs.

7. Hitachi DH18DBLP4 18V Cordless Brushless SDS Plus, Rotary Hammer, Drill Only

What if your quest for a rotary hammer drill has some economic constraints, however, you can’t compromise on your drilling?

Meet the new Hitachi DH18DBLP4. It’s a cordless rotary hammer drill and has a chuck size of 1 inch. This product is very nominally priced. It only includes the tool, and no battery or charger is included. However, you can separately purchase one.

Reactive Force Control

The machine has a reactive force control feature for comfortable drilling and extra durability. The feature actively reduces the risk of the operator’s injury from tool overloading. Similarly, it also protects the battery and gear system of motors from jerks and stalling.

Efficient Brushless Design

The rotary hammer drill is powered by an efficient brushless motor design that is very cool and effective, unlike the brushed motors that tend to be noisy in load conditions. A Brushless motor’s design immensely increases the hammer drill’s performance by providing an extra battery life and higher efficiency.

High Impact Energy

This Hitachi rotary hammer drill can output high impact energy that got you covered during heavy-duty tasks. The drill machine can output up to 1.9 ft-lbs or being more precise; it can output 3950 BPM. The machine can run at 1050 RPM that provides fast drilling speeds and outstanding destruction/demolition performance.

Power SourceBattery Powered
Voltage18 Volts
Speed1300 RPM
  • The secondary handle provides extra grip and control
  • Strong keyless 1-inch chuck that supports
  • SDS plus hammer drill bit
  • RFC or reactive force control reduces injury risks and provides durability
  • Efficient brushless motor design
  • Built-in LED
  • The high impact energy of 3950 BPM
  • Easy mode selector dial and super responsive even with gloves
  • Batteries need to be separately purchased 

8. SKIL RH170202 20V SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer, Added Battery and Charger

Well, the cheapest rotary hammer drill of today’s article is SKIL RH170202. And the best part is still to come. It comes with a charger and battery included with the drill. Amazing Nah?

So you don’t even need to spend money on extra purchasing. A 20V lithium battery powers the drill, and the item is super light-weight. This drill supports SDS plus rotary hammer drill bit. So it can quickly drill rigid surfaces like concrete and masonry.

Powerful and Compact Design

The machine is relatively cheap but believe us! It has the power to drill and perform excellently on rigid surfaces. The hammer drill is powered by a 20V battery that can interchangeably be used in other products from the same company. 

Overall the design of this drill machine is very compact, and it can reach tight places easily. The newly designed motor is now as efficient as never before. The batteries can output double the battery life as before and run 25% longer.

Variable Speed Control

The trigger on this drill machine is sensitive to the pressure applied. This means that now you have precise control over the speed and adjust the torque according to the required amount. Now you can consciously start with drilling and can control the speed accordingly.

Direction Indicator

The most exclusive feature of this drill is that it is equipped with direction indicators. These forward or reverse direction indicators quickly help in determining the direction of the drill’s drivetrain. Apart from that, the drill is also equipped with LED light for precise drilling in dark workspaces.

Power SourceBattery Powered
Amperage2 Amps
Voltage20 Volts
Maximum Chuck Size13 Millimeters
  • 25% longer battery run time
  • SDS plus supported
  • Pressure-sensitive trigger
  • Built-in Direction indicator and LED
  • Powerful design for toughest tasks
  • The very nominal price tag
  • Included Battery and charger, which can be interchangeably used with other products of SKIL
  • Built-in Bit storage deck 
  • Five years limited warranty
  • Underpowered for high and professional end-use

Frequently Asked Questions


To conclude, we have mentioned our most favorite products above. However, all of them have some or more critical points which should be strongly kept in mind before buying them.

Our most favorite product is Bosch RH328VC-36K rotary hammer drill. If you are looking to buy a drill for real professional use, this Bosch product is the best fit. It has a durable design, long-lasting battery, SDS plus supportive chuck, anti-vibration system, and a very reliable drilling experience.

However, if you are low on budget, then Dewalt DCH273P2 is an excellent option to consider. It can output up to 2.1 Joules impact energy and has many comfort features onboard. Thus, you can undoubtedly go for it as well.

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