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Dewalt Atomic Vs. XR: What’s the Difference?

It's a little more complicated than you think.
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DeWalt’s Atomic series of power tools is one of the company’s most recent contributions to its product range, having debuted in 2014. In addition to using 20V MAX battery packs, which are the same as the well-known XR series of tools, the Atomic line provides an even more elegant experience and smaller tools than its predecessor. The Atomic line does not have as many options as the XR line.

lthough it is newer, there aren’t as many alternatives accessible as there are with other platforms. There are less expensive Atomic tools available in the XR series, but they will be less powerful and bigger than the Atomic tools.

You can also get more powerful tools in the XR series, although they will often be more expensive than the same tool in the Atomic line, despite the Atomic tool being somewhat smaller and slimmer. DeWalt is a well-known power and hand tool manufacturer with a diverse product line.

We compare the DeWalt Atomic with the DeWalt XR from the company’s portfolio to determine which product is the best. Both of these power tool lines are cordless, which is quite convenient in the workplace. Additionally, they fall within the 20V MAX category, which refers to the battery packs that they employ as power sources.

So, what exactly are the distinctions between the Atomic and XR utility programs? Continue reading this article to find out.

What is a DeWalt Atomic?

Dewalt Atomic

A relatively new contender, Some power equipment enthusiasts consider it an improvement over the previous XR series. Even though they share several characteristics, this is not the case. The popularity of Atomic power tools can be attributed to the large number of functions they offer.

The small form of this series is one of its primary selling points. When combined with their small weight, they are extremely useful in the workshop. Dealing with them is a stress-free experience, and they provide us access to difficult-to-reach locations. Furthermore, you will not have arm fatigue while using the equipment for extended periods.

DeWalt Atomic hand tools provide you with greater power than other brands. A significant aspect is the use of a brushless motor to power them. This sort of motor is strong and long-lasting, which contributes to the overall efficiency of the tool. A unique bevel gear arrangement adds even more power to the engine’s already impressive output.

This series from DeWalt is the latest change, and it does not have a complete collection like the XR series from Milwaukee. However, the selection is rather remarkable, and new goods are being introduced regularly. Combo kits are available from this DeWalt appliance chain.

What is a DeWalt XR?

Dewalt XR

Among cordless hand and power tools, most individuals view DeWalt XR to be the company’s flagship range of cordless equipment. Since its launch in 2013, XR goods have been making their way into the market because the series’ prolonged presence can provide a more diverse variety of goods with varying performance and price.

Nail Kits, Hammer Drills, grinders, and saws are among the tools available under the DeWalt XR brand name. Aside from that, there are various general-purpose items, including torches, Wireless speakers, and radios. The other thing that stands out about XR tools is their capability.

The tagline “where small meets power” is used to promote DeWalt XR tools. The utilities are powered by a brushless motor, which ensures their efficiency. Additionally, they are big, making them perfect for large-scale projects. Angle grinder kits such as the DeWalt 20V MAX XR angle grinder kit are an outstanding illustration of the durability of the XR range.

This DeWalt XR combination set has two grinders, one of which has a speed of 25000 rpm and the other with 8000 rpm. The speed is controlled by a kickback brake, which will bring the wheel to a complete halt in two seconds. It is a demonstration of how effective the tools are.

Dewalt Atomic Vs XR: A Quick Comparison

Dewalt Atomic
  • Because it is only 6.3 inches long, it is extremely portable.
  • With a weight of about 2.4 lbs, it is extremely portable.
  • Footlight with LEDs for increased visibility.
  • Control and accuracy may be achieved when working on sensitive work surfaces thanks to the variable speed trigger.
Dewalt XR
  • A 20V Drill/Driver Kit is what you’re looking for.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Manufacturers of the product are based in the United States.
  • It is necessary to use two Lithium-ion batteries.

Pros of Dewalt XR

When it comes to raw power, the DeWalt XR series will not let anyone down. The utilities are powered by brushless motors, which are extremely strong and long-lasting. Additionally, the XR cordless devices are large and sturdy, making them ideal for heavy-duty tasks.

Another benefit of DeWalt XR is its extensive product line, which includes Saws, hammer drills, and combo kits, among other items.

Cons of Dewalt XR

The size of XR tools is one of its disadvantages. They are excessively heavy, and carrying them about might be difficult, especially if you wear them for extended periods. Furthermore, they appear to be more expensive than Atomic equipment. On the other hand, you may come into some XR choices that are a little cheaper.

Pros of Dewalt Atomic

The DeWalt Atomic series of tools offer several advantages, the most notable of which is their small design. With its compact and lightweight structure, this piece of equipment is excellent for use during long work hours, above applications, and inaccessible locations.

A brushless motor provides sufficient power to the equipment, resulting in high efficiency for the equipment. In addition to the Atomic brand, numerous more items are available, such as impact drivers and hammer drills

The cost of DeWalt Atomic is another attractive feature of the tool. When you compare the price of the instruments to the functionality they provide, you will discover that you have gotten a great deal.

Cons of Dewalt Atomic

One downside of DeWalt Atomic power instruments is that they are not the most powerful equipment available from DeWalt in their respective categories. On the plus side, they make fantastic tools for those who are new to computers.

What is the DeWalt atomic series vs. XR?

Dewalt Atomic vs. Xr Series

The size difference between the DeWalt Atomic and XR is the most obvious of the changes between the two tools. The DeWalt Atomic is built in a small manner, which is a characteristic that many handypersons like.

It is best suited for time-consuming tasks where you will be handling them for an extended period with minimum danger of strain. Furthermore, Atomic tools can be used for inaccessible locations in the same way overhead tools are used.

On the other side of the coin, we have DeWalt XR, a company whose tools are huge and heavy. They are well-suited to heavy-duty and large-scale operations.

The third point of comparison among Atomic and XR is the amount of power. The DeWalt 20V MAX battery powers the two-sport brushless motors and the two-sport brushless motors. Despite their resemblance, the XR is more durable, which allows it to be used in large-scale environments.

Even though the Atomic line is less powerful than the XR line, it is nevertheless highly useful for home usage or small-scale applications.

DeWalt XR offers a more extensive inventory than Atomic, which includes a large selection of hand tools. This is because it has been on the market for a longer time than Atomic, a newcomer.

Price comparison between DeWalt Atomic and XR

DeWalt Atomic chain is a cost-effective tool with several attractive characteristics. The utilities are less expensive than those provided by XR. When you consider how useful the Atomic tools are, you’ll agree that they provide outstanding value for your money.

Even though the XR brand looks more expensive, they are a fantastic investment, particularly if you plan to get into business.


DeWalt is a brand that you can rely on for all of your power and hand tool requirements. The DeWalt Atomic vs. XR comparison examines two major product lines produced by this firm, respectively. Use this article to understand them better and select the most appropriate tool for your business.

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