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Bosch PS31 vs PS32: Which One is More Economical?

Discover which drill is best suited for your application and make an informed purchase decision.
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The most famous small, cordless drills on the market are the Bosch PS31 and PS32. Both drills have plenty of power and features, making them ideal for various tasks around the house.

However, a few differences distinguish the two and make them better suited for specific situations. The Bosch Ps32 is light in weight than the Bosch Ps31. It could be your choice if you are unable to carry heavy weight. It makes the Bosch Ps32 the perfect option for people moving around or working in small spaces. Bosch Ps32 is 2.0 pounds in weight; on the other hand, Bosch Ps31 weighs 2.5 pounds. 

Both battery-driven drills, Bosch ps31 2a and ps32 02, include two lithium batteries. Amazingly both the battery-driven drills Bosch ps31 2a and ps32 02 have a maximum power of 850 watts. 

The bottom line is that both drills are dependable, strong, and easy to use, making them excellent choices for DIY enthusiasts or skilled contractors.

Overview of Bosch PS31:

Bosch PS31
  • Brand: BOSCH
  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Maximum Rotational Speed: 1300 RPM
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Amperage: 2 Amps

The Bosch PS31-2a is a tough and dependable drill that can handle any job. Its 3/8 inch chuck, 12V lithium battery, and 2.0 amps provide excellent power and toughness. It has two adjustable speeds: 0-1300 rpm and 0-350 rpm. Several tasks are suitable for the Bosch PS31-2a. 

The drill also has an integrated LED light for use in low-light environments. The Bosch PS31-2a is the perfect option for any drilling project thanks to its effective performance and dependable design. You will also get a case to carry Bosch PS31-2a safely at your desired locations. 

Features and Specifications:

The Bosch PS31-2a is not heavy. The weight of the Bosch PS31-2a is 2.5 pounds. The Bosch PS31-2a is a powerful cordless drill machine with having torque of 265 In-lbs. And the maximum RPM is 1300. For the control of the user, the clutch setting is 20+1. While working at small places, you will get the edge by using Bosch PS31-2a because of its seven-inch length. The size of Bosch PS31-2a is compact. 

It also includes a fuel gauge, which allows you to determine how much battery life is left quickly. For the management of the battery, you can see the fuel gauge. It has a power system of 12 volts. 

Additionally, it has a powerful LED work light for clear visibility in dim workspaces.

Price and Warranty:

The Bosch PS31-2a is 129 dollars, with a seven percent discount. You will get the warranty tool for one year to get a new drill. A two-year warranty is given for the repair of the drill free of cost. The full warranty of Bosch PS31-2a is of three years. The warranty for the battery is for two years. 

Size and Weight:

The length of the head is seven inches so that the Bosch PS31-2a can get in the small spaces. The Bosch PS31-2a has a single sleeve chuck of 3/8 inch in length. The weight is two pounds, and the grip is so soft that it can be handled easily. 

Battery Life and Charging:

You can charge your battery from 30 to 60 minutes quickly. Don’t leave the battery overnight for charging. Once the battery is fully charged, remove the battery from the charger. According to the client’s review on Amazon, the client bought the battery four years back, and is still in working condition. 

  • A case that holds Bosch PS31-2a complete kit, including its charger.
  • The Bosch PS31-2a can drill in the cement-brick wall. Use carbide drill bits for a rigid surface. 
  • Built-in Led light that helps while working under low light circumstances. 
  • The Bosch PS31-2a is a rechargeable drill. 
  • The Bosch PS31-2a has a small size. The advantage is to carry it anywhere, and it is easy to handle. 
  • The drill bit heats up while drilling; use water to maintain the temperature of the Bosch PS31-2a drill bit.
  • Sometimes removing the battery is difficult that requires a lot of pressure. 

Overview of Bosch PS32:

Bosch PS32
  • Brand:BOSCH
  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Maximum Rotational Speed: 1300 RPM
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Amperage: 2 Amps

The Bosch PS32-02 is a sophisticated 12V cordless driver that provides exceptional performance and convenience. The Bosch PS32-02 comes with a charger and case for convenient and secure storage, two lithium batteries for a longer operating time, and is equipped with both. The cells have 180 lbs. of torque and are made of nickel-cadmium. 

Two-speed ranges are available on the Bosch PS32-02: 0-400 rpm for high torque and 0-300 rpm for the fastest drilling speed. The Bosch PS32-02 ergonomic design provides superior handling and comfort, while its sturdy construction ensures the highest quality and durability. 

With this kit, you can easily tackle various tasks, from drilling and driving to fastening and loosening.

Features and Specifications:

The Bosch PS32-02 is a powerful and effective cordless drill/driver for professionals and do-it-yourselfers. It is ideal for precision drilling and driving tasks due to its small size and lightweight, making it easy to maneuver in confined spaces.

The Bosch PS32-02 has a brushless motor that delivers up to 265 lbs. of torque, making it ideal for demanding drilling and driving tasks. The Bosch PS32-02   also has a 2-speed gearbox that enables variable speed control for various tasks. The Bosch PS32-02 has a 20+1 clutch that offers precise torque for multiple materials. The clutch also has a quick mode for high-torque applications.

The ergonomic Bosch PS32-02 design provides a comfortable grip and lessens fatigue during continuous use. 

Price and Warranty:

The price of the Bosch PS32-02 is 90-100 dollars. You will get one year of limited warranty. But if you register your product within eight weeks of purchase, you will get a two-year warranty. You can get your money back if you don’t like the product. You have to report within 30 days of purchase. 

Size and Weight:

The weight of Bosch PS32-02 is 2 Lbs. and is 6.5 inches in length. The thickness of Bosch PS32-02 is one inch, which is pretty impressive. The Bosch PS32-02 ergonomic design makes for a comfortable and secure grip. It enables you to work comfortably and efficiently.

Battery Life and Charging:

A 12V, 2.0Ah lithium-ion battery powers the Bosch PS32-02. It has a quick-charging system that can fully recharge the battery in 30 minutes

  • The weight of the Bosch Ps32 is 2.0 pounds.
  • The small size and lightweight drill machine have an edge to work in tight spaces.
  • The Bosch PS32-02 has rechargeable batteries. 
  • The chuck has a single sleeve and an auto lock function.
  • The electronically commutated motor is brushless.
  • One-inch thickness enhances the hand grip.  


  • Unnecessary pressure is required to remove the batteries. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Bottom Line:

Power tools like the Bosch PS31 and PS32 are excellent for various projects. It is up to you to decide between the two. Both are small and light, with no-load speeds of up to 1,500 rpm. The Bosch Ps32 is a little lighter in weight than the PS31. The Bosch PS31 and PS32 are both excellent power tools. Both are powerful, have long-lasting battery life, and are durable. The PS31 is lightweight and compact, making it ideal for jobs in tighter spaces.

Both the PS31 and PS32 from Bosch are top-notch power tools. Both are strong, durable, and have long battery life. The PS31 and PS32 are ideal for tasks in confined spaces because of there lightweight and small. 

Telling the best drill machine is difficult because both have the same features and almost the same weight. The only difference is that PS31 has an LED light that supports the user while working in a dark atmosphere. 

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