10 Best Cordless Drills Under $50

Any toolkit will be incomplete without a cordless drill. They are easier to use, lightweight and are easy to carry around. Despite the need and significance, everyone wants to invest in a cordless drill while sticking to a budget.

Due to the immense popularity and practicality of these drills, a huge range of products has been introduced in the market. But the most important question, i.e., which is the best drill brand, still remains unanswered.

But worry no more. We have listed the top ten highly recommended cordless drills, so by the time you reach the end, you will be able to select the best cordless drill under $50 that promises powerful performance, durability and is within your budget as well.

Best Overall
WORKPRO Pink Cordless Drill Driver Set
WORKPRO Pink Cordless Drill Driver Set


  • High-Performance Drill
  • Torque Adjustment
  • Comfortable Usage
Best Value
Ryobi P208 Cordless Drill
Ryobi P208 Cordless Drill


  • Easy Assembly And Use
  • LED Lights
  • Comfortable Grip
Expert Choice
Avid Power Cordless Drill
Avid Power Cordless Drill


  • Precision Control
  • Powerful Performance
  • Complete Accessory Kit

1. Tacklife PCDO1B Cordless Drill

With a comprehensive drill set and quick charging battery, this drill set can be used for a wide range of projects. The ergonomic design of this drill makes it easier to grip so your hands do not feel tired when you are working on your projects.

Product Features:

14 Piece Drill Set:

The Tacklife drill is not solely a drill. Rather it comes in twenty-four pieces set that include twelve drill bits, a plastic case as well as an extender, a battery, and a charger. Thanks to these best drill bits, you will be able to use this cordless drill on a variety of projects.

Maximum Comfort:

Lightweight, portable, comfortable – you name it, and this drill has it. Moreover, the performance to weight ratio allows a single-handed operation and reduces vibrations, ensuring that your hands are not weighed down or fatigued.

Quick Charge Battery:

Thanks to the quick charging battery, when using this best cordless drill under 50, you will rarely find yourself making a run to plug in your drill machine. The drill reaches maximum charging within one hour and provides power for a long enough duration so that you can finish your work without having to face a dead battery situation.

  • Two different speed ranges.
  • Twenty four pieces of drill kit.
  • Comfortable and lightweight drill.
  • Suitable for a wide range of projects.
  • Some bits are prone to breaking easily. 

2. Ryobi P208 Cordless Drill

You can use it as a cordless drill or plug it in to use it. It serves both ways. The pieces can be installed and interchanged with ease without a chuck. Plus, the magtray holds bits, so you do not need to go back and forth to grab them.

Product Features:

Easy Assembly And Use:

Since it is a chuck-less and keyless drill machine, therefore, replacing the bits is quite easy and simple. All you have to do is to place the bit in the chuck and hold it in place; next, activate the drill, and the bit will be installed in place. This eliminates the hassle of dealing with a chuck or a key.

LED Lights:

You will find LED lights on the body of this best drill for home use. These LED lights not only indicate the drill state but also allow the drill to be used in dimly lit areas. This may seem like a nominal feature. However, it will prevent many accidents and hazards.

Comfortable Grip:

This cordless drill features a rubberized handle that makes it comfortable to grip and hold. It will not fall or slip away from your hands even in wet and slippery conditions. You can drill away without tiring your hands.

  • LED lights to indicate the status
  • It is highly recommended for personal use.  
  • It can be used as a wired as well as a cordless drill.
  • The battery is not included in the package.
  • Only suitable for light projects

3. Avid Power Cordless Drill

With a complete accessory kit and a higher degree of customizability, this best drill under 50 offers a diverse usage and is one of the best drills that offers a great value for money.

Product Features:

Precision Control:

Thanks to the 15 + 1 Clutch positions, the users can adjust the torque of this best drill set so that the settings of the drill can be adjusted as per the demands of the project. It is not a very heavy duty drill but can surely be used for small projects on a personal scale.

Powerful Performance:

Equipped with a powerful motor, this cordless drill reduces fatigue and stress, making it comfortable to use yet suitable for drilling holes and screwing screws with ease. The design of the drill makes it easier to use, and the users can adjust the speed of the drill between the ranges of 0-550 RPM.

Complete Accessory Kit:

This cordless drill comes with everything that you might need. From a drill set consisting of ten pieces to an extension bar, the drill itself, and a flexible magnetic shaft, everything is included with the product, and you do not need to get anything separately.

  • A large battery allows longer usage.
  • Torque control via a clutch  
  • A comprehensive set of accessories.
  • Customer service is not responsive.

4. Stalwart 20V Cordless Drill

With this drill in your tool kit, you can work on any project as it is equipped with all the right accessories. The clutch also has eighteen different settings that can be used to install the bits and replace them as needed.

Product Features:

Value for Money:

If you are in search of the best drill set for metal, look no further as the Stalwart Cordless Drill is your best and safest bet. This drill comes with an accessory set that has everything you can possibly need. Thus, it provides the best value for money.


This drill offers two different speed settings. You can choose between the 0-400 RPM and 0-1400 RPM speed ranges. Plus, the maximum torque limit of the drill is 35Nm. All these features make it a versatile drill and a perfect choice for beginner level tool kit.

Additional Features:

Other than the powerful performance, this drill also has some additional features. It comes with a flashlight, so you can even use it in the dark. Plus, the T-handle driver is easy to use and yet comfortable to grip.

  • Best accessory set
  • Two speed ranges to choose from
  • Perfect to be used as a starter set
  • The battery requires three to five hours to charge. 

5. BLACK + DECKER BDCDMT120C Cordless Drill

This drill is lightweight, so it does not weigh down the hands of the users. Changing the bits is as simple as it gets and the features of this drill make it a perfect choice for beginners.

Product Features:

Diverse Usage:

The drill is equipped with a powerful battery of 20-volts, which makes it suitable to be used for a wide range of products. From metal to wood and even concrete, you will be able to use this drill with ease.

Variable Speed:

You can easily adjust the speed of this drill, thanks to the variable speed trigger. Simply use the trigger to increase or decrease the speed of the drill based on your needs and the sort of project that you are working on

Easy Installation:

It is not only the usage of the drill that is simple, but the installation and changing bits is also quite simple and convenient. All you need to do is to hold down the button to release the current attachment, hold the new attachment in place, and click it in.

  • Lightweight drill that does not weigh down the hands
  • Variable speed settings
  • Compatible for a wide range of projects
  • A low battery is not indicated.
  • The lack of an LED light makes it hard to use in the dark.

6. Genesis GCD18BK 18-Volt Cordless Variable Speed Drill

All the features and the performance of this drill make it an excellent investment. Its performance, degree of customizability and power make it an excellent best drill under 50.

Product Features:

High Degree of Customizability:

The cordless drill comes with a high degree of customizability. It has a total of sixteen different torque positions and clutch settings that can be used to alter the functionality of the cordless drill as needed. Moreover, there is an electrical brake that can be used to halt the drill immediately, thus allowing maximum control.


Customers can be certain that their money is secured when they buy this budget cordless drill because it comes with a two year warranty period. During this period, the manufacturer offers full support in case the drill requires any repairs or replacements.

Additional Features:

This is a lot more than just a drill. It comes with a handful of features that enhance its functionality. The bubble-level helps align the drill properly, keyless chuck makes bit changing easier while the LED light illuminates the work surface. Other than this, it has a magnetic bit tray and a rubberized grip that allows the users to hold the drill comfortably.

  • Clutch has sixteen different settings.
  • It comes with a built-in LED light.
  • Two year warranty period
  • It has a very slow speed.
  • The nickel-cadmium battery does not last long.

7. CACOOP 20V CCD20001LBB Cordless Drill

There is an LED power indicator that indicates the battery level of the drill so that it can be charged accordingly. These settings allow the drill to be used on a multitude of projects and make it a valuable addition in any toolkit.

Product Features:

Quick Charging Drill:

The most noticeable feature of CACOOP 20V cordless drill is its quicker battery time. The lithium-ion battery has a quicker charging time and yet discharges slowly, thus allowing the users to be able to use the drill for a longer time period.

Soft Handle:

The soft handle, paired with the ergonomic design of this cheap cordless drill, makes it easier to hold and use. Plus, the drill is lightweight, so it does not feel heavy and can be handled with precision and ease.  The weight of the drill with the battery inserted is merely 2.73 lbs.

Multiple Settings:

Users can easily adjust the settings of this drill as needed. It comes with two different speed ranges, i.e., 0-350 RPM and 0-1350 RPM. Moreover, it comes with nineteen different torque settings so that the drill can also be converted into a screwdriver. 

  • Lightweight and user-friendly cordless drill
  • Can be charged fully within one hour 
  • Two different speed ranges to choose from 
  • Not suitable for commercial construction projects

8. Hi-Spec 18V Cordless Drill Combo

From tougher tasks to smaller projects, this drill will prove useful for an array of projects. It comes with a diverse accessory set that surely enhances the functionality of the drill.

Product Features:

Best Value:

If you are looking for the best drill under 50 that will return the maximum value of your money, you cannot go wrong with the Hi-Spec Cordless Drill Combo. This drill combines functionality with durability due to the powerful battery and sixteen different torque positions.


The manufacturer takes pride in this best drill press vise, so the customers are offered a warranty period of three years. During this period, the manufacturer takes responsibility for any repairs or replacements of the drill. Any manufacturing defect or damage to the drill is covered by the warranty.

Accessory Set:

You will not need to invest in any bit or accessory set separately when you purchase the Hi-Spec Cordless drill. From bits for wood, metal, porcelain, and even concrete to screwdriver bits and even countersink, everything comes in the accessory set of this drill. The accessories are stored in a hard case that keeps them organized and safe.

  • Comes with a comprehensive accessory kit
  • The best cordless drill in terms of value for money
  • Three year warranty period
  • The quality of the drill bits needs improvement.

9. WORKPRO Pink Cordless Drill Driver Set

If you are looking for a lightweight, easy to use and efficient cordless drill, this product will not let you down. The features and settings of the drill make it worth every penny.

Product Features:

High-Performance Drill:

This best drill under 50 is paired with durability and high-performance. The drill has a voltage of 20 volts and a 1.5 AH lithium-ion battery that charges at a rapid rate and lasts longer. It also has two variable speed ranges and can be labeled as the best drill bits for stainless steel.

Torque Adjustment:

Users can choose between twenty-one different torque adjustment settings, which allows it to be used for both personal as well as commercial use. Since the chuck is key-less, therefore changing the bits of the drill is easier, quicker, and convenient.

Comfortable Usage:

You can use this drill with ease thanks to its ergonomic design and comfortable grip. Since the drill is lightweight, therefore users will not experience any fatigue when using this cordless drill.

  • 21 toque adjustment settings
  • It can also be used for commercial use
  • Longer battery life
  • The drill is prone to sparking

10. TECCPO Cordless Drill

The biggest feature of this drill is its extended battery life. You will be aware of the battery level thanks to the indicator and the two batteries can be used to power the drill even if it runs out of charging.

Product Features:


This drill comes with two large capacity batteries that can serve as a power bank and can be used on the go. The 20000mAh batteries charge at a rapid rate and yet discharge slowly for extended drill use. There is a real-time battery indicator that allows the users to keep an eye on the battery levels of the drill.

LED Light:

This drill also features an LED light that enables the users to use the drill even in poorly lit areas. It is placed on the front side which enables the user to have a clearer view and drill holes with precision.

Efficient Performance:

This cheap drill features an LED light that enables the users to use the drill even in poorly lit areas. It is placed on the front side which enables the user to have a clearer view and drill holes with precision.

  • Two different speed adjustments
  • Compact drill that is easy to grip and use
  • LED light allows the drill to be used in dim areas
  • Attaching the bits and drivers is complex

Limitations of Cordless Drills:

Although cordless drills are lightweight, easy to use, and portable, there are some limitations associated with the use of cordless drills. Cordless drills are less powerful as compared to corded ones.

These drills are suitable for personal use and small scale projects but cannot be used on a commercial or industrial scale. Plus, they need to be recharged to use; therefore, there is always a risk of the drill running out of batteries. Last but not least, many people have complained that the batteries of the cordless drills deplete over time.

Buying Guide for Best Cordless Drill under $50:

There are plenty of cordless drills from various manufacturers and brands that can be found in the market. But when you are interested in buying the best cordless drill under $50, you should consider some factors to be able to pick the best drill set. Here are something that you should take into consideration:

Battery Life:

Since all cordless drills require to be recharged, it is very important to choose a drill that comes with longer battery life. The one with a shorter battery life can be a hassle as you will constantly be worried about recharging the drill or have a fear of running out of battery.


You should always pick the best drill for aluminum that comes with a complete set of accessories. The battery, charger, extenders, shafts, and even the drill bits should be part of the package. Otherwise, you will have to buy these things separately, and the cost will obviously go up.


There are certain cordless drills that are manufactured for specific usage only. Therefore, before you go ahead and begin hunting for the right product, make sure that you are clear about your needs. If you want to drill holes in wood, you will need the best drill press for woodworking, but if you have to work with concrete, you should invest in the best drill for concrete, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does a cordless drill take to charge?
The charging and battery time of the cordless drill varies from brand to brand. There are some drills that will charge within fifteen minutes, while there are others like the Tacklife Cordless Drill that will need an hour for the battery to charge fully.
Are cordless drill batteries interchangeable?
This totally depends on the brand of the cordless drill that you are using. There are some cordless drill brands that come with replaceable batteries so the users can change the batteries. In contrast, there are other products that come with fixed batteries, which means that you will not be able to replace the batteries.
How to ensure safety when using a cordless drill?
Never compromise on safety when you are using a cordless drill. Make sure that the drill bits are installed and locked correctly in place. Moreover, wear eye safety goggles to prevent small bits from damaging your eyes.


You cannot just purchase the first cordless drill that you come across. In order to pick the best cordless drill under 50, you need to assess your needs and then take into account the features and specifications of the drill.

There are plenty of cordless drills in the market, but to help you select the best product while staying within budget, we have compiled a list of the top ten best drill bits that are reliable as well as durable. These are high-performance drills that will not let you down.