6 Best Screw Extractors of 2021 - Expert Opinion

Find out your best companion to remove stripped screws and bolts.

There have been many instances in which mechanics have struggled to remove damaged, rusted or old screws from a vehicle. Generally, damaged screws are caused when a screw in the system has been in place for a long time and has started to wear out.

Using an ordinary screwdriver to unscrew damaged screws might be annoying, but that can be avoided with a screwdriver designed for the purpose. Whenever you try to repair something, there is a high chance you will make it worse. You can’t cope with that job without a tool, which is why you need one.

The best screw extractor or bolt extractor might vary from person to person based on what is needed. A screw and bolt extractor is available in various models that use slightly different methods to extract screws and bolts. Therefore we have shortlisted the best drill bits for stripped screws.

Best Screw Extractor Set
IRWIN HANSON Master Extraction Set
IRWIN HANSON Master Extraction Set
  • Extractors with spiral flutes
  • Extractors for multi-spline surfaces
  • Extractors of bolts
  • Left handed cobalt drill bits
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Best Screw Extractor Kit
Tacklife 18PCS Impact Socket Set
Tacklife 18PCS Impact Socket Set
  • Steel construction with shock-resistant properties
  • Drill adapter for sockets
  • Magnet for holding bits
  • Drill tips with self-centering capabilities
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Best Cheap
Ontel SpeedOut Damaged Screw Extractor
Ontel SpeedOut Damaged Screw Extractor
  • Constructed from 100% carbon steel
  • Four-piece set
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Expert Choice
IRWIN Tool Hanson Spiral Extractor
IRWIN Tool Hanson Spiral Extractor
  • Designed with a left-hand spiral
  • Stronger gripping power
  • Spiral flutes that are easy to operate
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Best Damaged Screw Extractor
Vampire Professional Tools International VT-001
Vampire Professional Tools International VT-001
  • A set of jaws with serrations in both directions
  • Construction using carbon steel
  • A varnished finish provides a smooth appearance
  • An ergonomic handle that's easy on the environment
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Best Overall
Dr. meter Screw Extractor
Dr. meter Screw Extractor
  • Four-piece set
  • Stainless steel construction
  • A universal drill adapter is available
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Table of Content

1. IRWIN HANSON Master Extraction Set

Irwin Tools' version is our top pick. We believe that, even though the product is only purchased by a selected few, it is the best screw extractor set we've tried. This tool set ensures that you do not have to purchase another screw extractor after owning it as the set consists of any device you may need. This tool set offers a sufficient number of tools for both professional and household use.

Product Features

Left-handed Cobalt Drill Bits:

It is possible for fasteners to be too heavy to be extracted using typical methods. Extreme measures will be often desired, ultimately damaging the workpiece. Drill bits are included in Irwin Tools to prevent this from happening. Thereafter, it should be easier to pull out the fastener.

Flute Extractors with Easy Removal:

These extractors have a low torque, so they can remove just about any conventional fastener with ease. By using this method, each project will be completed faster and with less effort. This Irwin fastener extraction set features 48 extractors in total to handle any fastener extraction task. A high-quality tool is bound to be pricey, because of its durability.

  • This product is of high quality.
  • A thorough information package is included with the set to ensure its effective use by users.
  • It is very expensive to purchase this extractor set.

2. Tacklife 18PCS Drive Deep Impact Socket Set

Considering the number of tools available in this kit, the Tacklife 18-piece set is considered the best screw extractor kit. Using this tool, you can easily remove screws of any type as well as bolts with different sizes. While the Tacklife 18PCS set comes with a drill adapter that is normally used for extraction with a drill, a wrench adapter can be used manually. Regular exposure to moisture has helped protect the collection from corrosion, but that shouldn't mean we don't maintain it. Additionally, the steel is hardened, which minimizes damage.

Product Features

Drill Tips with Self-Centering Capabilities:

Some screws may have damaged heads, so users may be likely to encounter these. It might pose a problem since it requires drilling through the middle of the screw to remove it. This set features a self-centering feature, which makes drilling off-center virtually impossible.

Holds a Magnetic Device:

When we are just about to remove a screw, only to have it fall back into the hole we removed it from, some of us have experienced this. Tacklife’s service eliminates any need to worry about this, which can be frustrating.

The magnetic holding system will prevent both drill bits and screws from falling off. This set includes adapters that ensure all the tools can be used together with any drill. 

A chart is also included in the collection to help determine which tool to use for a particular size screw or bolt. A designated spot for each tool is clearly marked on the box. A side engraving on each tool shows on which box it should go for easy organization.

  • It is a user-friendly set.
  • Packaging is thoughtfully designed.
  • Several tools are available for screw removal of all sizes.
  • Users are not provided with all the instructions they need to use the set effectively.

3. Ontel SpeedOut Damaged Screw Extractor

One more set by a different manufacturer, this time a four-piece set. Like the set above by Tacklife, this set can also be entitled as the best easy out screw extractor. This one will also provide similar functionality. It sets a very high bar, however, in terms of warranty, and that is a relatively big difference. It will also be easy to store the tools in the plastic case. The set is nevertheless robust and will perform very well in the field.

Product Features

Construction using Carbon Steel:

Combining carbon and steel has never proven to be a disappointment. Each tool infused with it will last a little longer than the others due to its strong and durable nature. Its durability makes it capable of handling any task without fracturing.


It requires two steps to extract the fastener, and the fastener would then be out of the way. The screw head is drilled out and the screw is turned to the extractor side and removed. You should be able to complete this process within a couple of minutes. If the screw head is completely broken off, this tool still works. The drill is obviously necessary to use it.

  • The set comes with all the information users need to use it effectively.
  • The device is very effective when removing screws.
  • Despite the rust on old screws, it keeps on working.
  • It is difficult to open the case due to its small opening latch.

4. IRWIN Tool Hanson Spiral Extractor

There may be several reasons for the popularity of this, including the fact that it is the best stripped screw extractor. There are fewer tools available for Irwin Tools. This extraction set also includes a storage case, although we admit it's not as nice as the 48 piece set. This drill bit set has some great features that are worth highlighting before we get to those.

Product Features

Spiral Fluted Drill Bits:

As the drilling process progresses, one of these drills burrows deeper into the metal. By doing so, the bolt will be able to be pulled out even if resistance occurs. In spite of how long it has been operating, Irwin Tools is still here, showing they are doing something right. They are known for making quality tools that stand the test of time. Their products are well made and this tool set is no exception.

Tools are Etched with Sizes:

A professional can usually tell the size of a fastener based on just looking at it. The size of the extractor for a specific fastener will be just as simple to determine. Beginners have a more difficult time figuring these things out. It will be easier for workers to identify which extractor is suitable for a certain job with the sizes etched on the tools than through trial and error.

  • Very useful in removing broken fasteners.
  • There is a reasonable price for this set.
  • There are no instructions included in the set, which can be confusing for beginners.

5. Vampire Professional Tools International VT-001

The screws must still have their heads on to use these. To check if they hold, you can just snap one of the heads off. Considering this is a handheld tool, the manufacturer made sure to include ergonomic grips made from environmentally friendly materials.

Product Features:

Jaws with a Unique Design:

The thing that makes Vampire Professional Tools the best damaged screw extractor is that on the inside part of the jaws are horizontal as well as vertical serrations. Furthermore, the concave jaws suggest that the tool was made to grip a screw and then let go only when the job is complete. This tool is hard to resist even for nuts and bolts.

Construction using Carbon Steel:

When you are using these tools, you need to make sure they do not break. They will last for a long time since they are constructed of carbon steel alloy. The screw extraction market is indeed where they are targeted, but they are still pliers, and they could be used in the workshop or at home. Purchasing a Vamplier primarily provides you with a highly versatile tool.

  • A durable product.
  • The set is easy to use.
  • The grip is excellent.
  • The price is quite high.

6. Dr.meter Screw Extractor

Dr. Meter has pulled out all the stops with this four-in-one edition. A drill must be included with the set in order to make usage easier. Users will not need to purchase another drill if they already have one in their garage. They integrate with the vast majority of commercial drills. Since the four pieces in the set have been carefully chosen for that purpose, they will be able to remove screws of most sizes. It's quite simple to use, and you won't need to read any instructions to figure it out.

Product Features

Construction with Galvanized Steel:

It is paramount that these tools do not break while they are in use. If they do, they could lead to more problems and end up costing more than it took to purchase the extractor set in the first place. Galvanized steel will be able to endure the harshest conditions and deliver quality service in the end.

Stainless Steel Engraved Sizes:

Choosing between four tools to apply for a specific job based on trial and error could prove frustrating. You can damage a screw or fitting by making one wrong move. The tools have been engraved with sizes on the sides in order to prevent this.

Despite extreme temperatures, these stripped screw and bolt extractors remain effective due to the materials used in their construction. Manufacturers recommend cleaning these instruments after each use since this can often lead to an extended lifespan. The manufacturer can also be contacted in case of unforeseen issues.

  • A durable product.
  • The set is easy to use.
  • The grip is excellent.
  • The price is quite high.

Benefits of Screw Extractors:

Below are some of the benefits of screw extractors: 

  • A high degree of gripping power. 
  • Screw heads can be held more securely with an extractor if they slide into the head and are twisted. In other words, the screw can’t fall from the extractor.
  • There are various sizes available. 
  • There are more tools to choose from in a screw extractor kit with different size extractors. They remove screws of different sizes, which means they can remove any kind of the screw. 
  • Most screw extractors have more than one purpose, and can remove screws as well as other fasteners.
  • Their user-friendly design makes them convenient. 
  • It is usually easy to use screw extractors even for beginners. 
  • This extractor can easily be tapped into screw heads without damaging the threads.

The Key Characteristics of Screw Extractors

1. Dimensions of Screw Size:

There are many different sizes of screws. The best screw extractor set for extracting screws is one with multiple types of extractors if you usually need to extract screws. The screws can be removed with these tools of different sizes. Nevertheless, ensure that they will fit the screws you wish to remove. Be sure to check which screws and screw sizes are supported before buying a screw extractor kit.

2. Powerful Grip:

Depending on the type of screw extractor, some can be attached to drills for easy screw removal, while others can only be used with wrenches and ratchets. Screw extractors can provide powerful gripping forces when they bite the screws. A high-grade steel extractor will provide you with a better grip.

3. The Screw Material:

Screw extractors are commonly made from steel on the market. The fact remains that not all of them are made from 100 percent carbon HSS steel. A drill bit made of this special steel is typically used for piercing hard objects without a problem. 

The strongest screw extractors are usually made of carbon fiber steel, but they are usually expensive. Cobalt screw extractors are the best option if you have a limited budget. It is particularly important that the manufacturer avoids adding aluminum or other soft metals, as the extractor will not last very long and will be difficult to use. 

4. Warranty of the Set:

Generally speaking, you should only buy extractors that come with extended warranties. These warranties demonstrate that the manufacturer has faith in their tools, so that if anything should happen to them, they will be repaired or replaced by the manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Firstly the screw remover should be inserted into the drill. Remove the deck screw by inserting the screw remover into its stripped head. Removing the stripped deck screw with your drill may require turning it counterclockwise. WD-40 can be used to loosen stubborn screws. WD-40 should be sprayed around the screw and left to sit for 15 minutes.

The broken bolt should be punched as close to the centre as possible using an Extracting Kit Center. The drill bit on the left must be used to make a pilot hole in the center of the broken bolt. Drill a hole and insert the appropriate-sized extraction bit. Then get rid of any metal filings that are attached to the bolt.

Chucks are used to hold drill bits and other fasteners in a drill. Screw guns are not intended to drill holes, as they are only used for fastening screws. Instead of a chuck, the screw gun has a nose that is adjustable so that the screw depth can be set.

The length of an extractor is not standard. If you want to remove a screw, you should use a screwdriver compatible with it. It works just as well with the small and short extractors as it does with the larger versions. Depending on its size, the screw extraction process takes a different amount of time.

There are a variety of makes, models, and brands you can choose from. A warranty for a product may be offered by some companies as a guarantee of quality, but such tools are not cheap. Certain manufacturers do not offer guarantees since the durability of these hand tools is also determined by the user.


IRWIN’s Screw Extractor comes in at number one in our reviews for best screw extractors. Several replacement pieces are included that are sturdy enough to remove stripped or damaged screws. It’s tough to find a value pick, but we prefer the IRWIN Screw Extractor Set for Spiral Screws. This screw extractor set costs the same as one.