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Best Hammer Drill for Concrete in 2024

With the right drill in hand, you'll be able to tackle the toughest concrete drilling job with ease.
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The particular task you need to complete will determine the best hammer drill for concrete. Choose one with a strong motor, a sturdy construction, the appropriate bit, and features. The right hammer drill will enable you to complete the task efficiently.

We will be discussing the best hammer drills below. Please read the heading Top 8 hammer drills for concrete.

While drilling, the mechanism in which the chuck moves forward and backward on its axis produces motion like a hammer. It is why the drills with to-and-fro motion are known as hammer drills. At the same time, chuck moves forward and backward, so the drill bit moves too. The to-and-fro motion is known as blows per minute. A blow per minute is the distance that chucks, and the drill bit moves forward and backward.

Best Hammer Drill for Concrete

Safety Tips While Drilling Concrete

Always put safety first when drilling into concrete. Here are some pointers to help make drilling safe.

  1. Be sure to dress safely. It also includes hearing protection, safety glasses, and a dust mask.
  2. A drill bit should be the appropriate size and type for the task. It can be hazardous and cause material damage to use the incorrect bit.
  3. Protect the surface you are drilling into. You can accomplish it by using clamps. 
  4. If you can, use a drill press or a drill stand. It will lower the risk of injury and keep the drill bit steady.
  5. When drilling, use a lubricant. The drill bit could overheat and break due to friction and heat. The oil will help to reduce friction.
  6. Drilling should be done slowly, then more quickly as you go. It reduces the possibility of the drill bit slipping and causing injury.
  7. Do not put your hands near the drill bit. If the drill bit slips, this will lessen the possibility of injuries.
  8. Ensure adequate ventilation in the space. Ensure the area is well-ventilated because drilling into concrete can produce a lot of dust.
  9. Frequently pause. Drilling concrete can be physically demanding, so take frequent breaks to avoid fatigue.

These safety recommendations will assist in ensuring a secure and productive drilling experience.

Comparison Chart

Source of powerElectricBatteryElectricHand poweredBatteryBatteryBatteryHand Powered
Volts/ampsEight amps20 volts6.5 amps18 volts20 volts20 volts6-7 amps18 votes
Weight4.71 kg1.5 kg0.4 kg0.4 kg1.8 kg0.4 kg2.04 kg2.5 kg

1. Bosch Electric Hammer Drill

The Bosch electric hammer drill is best for drilling concrete. You can also drill brick by using the powerful Bosch electric hammer drill. It is a multi-functional drill. You will get three options for drilling. The options available are drilling with a hammer only, rotatory hammer, and rotation only.


The brand manufacturing of electric hammer drill is Bosch. The chuck size is 13mm. The Bosch electric hammer drill chuck is essential. It is the instrument that rotates the drill bit. The Bosch electric hammer drill has minimum vibration, which will help you to make a firm grip while drilling concrete. The shape of the primary handle is in D-shape. The D-shape handles are very helpful while you are drilling downwards. You will get the best job done once the user is comfortable gripping the Bosch electric hammer drill.

The significant advantage is the secondary handle. You can make a firmer grip by using the secondary handle. It reflects that the Bosch electric hammer drill is available with two handles. The stronger your grip, the more précised drilling you can do.  

The Bosch electric hammer drill is convenient as you do not need additional tools to replace the drill bit. The maximum rotational speed of the Bosch electric hammer drill is 1300 rate per minute. The Bosch electric hammer drill is powerful, and you will get 2.0 pounds per foot of its energy. The motor of the Bosch electric hammer drill produces 7.5 amps of power for drilling the most rigid concrete.

Bosch electric hammer drill
Power SourceCorded Electric
Maximum Rotational Speed1300 RPM
Amperage8 Amps
Maximum Chuck Size13 Millimeters
  • You will get the secondary handle for additional grip. 
  • 36 various lock positions.
  • Three different modes for working. 
  • One-year warranty for replacement of parts.
  • Sometimes the drill bit gets stuck while drilling. 

2. Porter Hammer Drill

The Porter hammer drill is a high-performance drill. The Porter’s hammer drill consists of two-speed functions. You can adjust the RPM according to the requirement of drilling. Every texture requires a different speed of drilling. If you drill the surface at an inappropriate rate, the texture will get cracked. While drilling, you must focus on the drilling speed.

The porter hammer drill is battery driven with a rotational speed of 1600 per minute. The two-speed variations are 0-400 and 0-1600 rates per minute. The Porter hammer drill has a ratcheting mechanism in its chuck that reduces the slip of the drill bit while it is in the chuck.

The Porter hammer drill requires the lithium battery to operate. Many battery-driven drill machines require two batteries, whereas the Porter hammer drill requires only one.

The drill is powerful. The drill may give a backward kick when it hits any nail while drilling. The Porter hammer drill can work on wood, metal, and cement. Choosing the right drill bits would be best before starting your project.


While working in dim light conditions, you will need a head torch. The Porter hammer drill has solved the problem. The Porter hammer drill has a LED torch light in it. In the low-light situation, the built-in torch helps the user. While working at home, you don’t need to buy an extra torch for drilling in dark-light areas.

The battery fuel gauge is essential while you are working. It would be best if you kept an eye on the battery gauge, as it will let you know how many hours you work. Many of the users report that they lost their drill bits. Once you buy the Porter hammer drill, you will get the magnet box to save your drill bits.

The Porter’s hammer drill requires a current of twenty volts, and its chuck size is 13mm. The maximum output power is 300 watts, with a top speed of 1600 RPM.

Porter hammer drill
Power SourceBattery Powered
Maximum Rotational Speed2000 RPM
Voltage20 Volts
Amperage2 Amps
  • Battery-powered hammer drill.
  • The two-speed variation is available.
  • The LED torch light is by default.
  • Magnetic box for drill bits storage. 
  • Twenty-three types of chuck settings are available. 
  • Fuel gauge available to see the remaining battery.
  • Minimum slippage of the drill bit.
  • It would be best if you bought the batteries and charger. 

3. Deckers Hammer Drill

The Deckers hammer drill is mind-blowing that provides 48,000 blows per minute. It can drill into hard surfaces like concrete and bricks. The Deckers hammer drill has two functions for drilling. The first function is standard drilling, and the second is hammer drilling. The motor of Deckers hammer drill consumes 6.5 amps of current.

The single-sleeve chuck allows the user to use drill bits of larger sizes. The keyless chuck also will enable you to change the drill bit without using an additional instrument to lose the chuck to replace the drill bit. You will notice a button under the chuck that you can press so the chuck teeth could lose the drill bit for replacement.


The weight of the Deckers hammer drill is suitable. The weight is 0.4 kilogram. That is nothing. Even a kid can carry the Deckers hammer drill easily. When buying a drill machine, weight is an essential factor.

The motor of Deckers hammer drill requires only 6.5 amps of current. There are two drilling modes available. While drilling wood or material that is not very rigid, you must use the standard mode. If drilling a rigid material like concrete, you must use hammer drilling mode. The hammer drilling mode is more powerful than the average drilling mode.

The keyless chuck allows you to use the large-sized bits, and it also allows you to change the drill bit easily. You only need to press the button under the chuck to lose the drill bit. After removing the drill bit, put the new drill bit in the chuck and exert force from upside to downwards. A side handle is also available that enhances the user’s grip while drilling.

Deckers hammer drill
Maximum Chuck Size13 Millimeters
Amperage6.5 Amps
Power SourceCorded Electric
  • Keyless chuck. 
  • Two modes of drilling are available, including standard mode and hammer mode.
  • Lightweight.
  • Sides handle for grip.
  • Noisy while drilling.

4. Makita Cordless Hammer Drill

Makita offers you a depth gauge with its Makita cordless hammer drill. The depth gauge allows you to drill to the exact depth you require. The Makita cordless hammer drill is hand powered drill that provides you a maximum speed of 1200 per minute. It is battery driven cordless drill.

The Makita cordless drill is durable, comfortable, and convenient.  


The Makita cordless hammer drill has an excellent power management system for its battery. The drill has a function of the overload. When the drill is overloaded, the battery and the drill communicate through an electronic chip. The battery over-discharge problem is no more because once the battery is about to die, there is a load on the drill. The drill automatically stops working. Due to this reason, the batteries are not fully drained, and hence it increases the life cycle of batteries.

When the tool gets overheated, the Makita cordless hammer automatically stops working till its cooling phase. The Makita provides a rapid charger that charges the battery three times faster than the traditional chargers.

The Makita cordless drill can shock absorbing, and its handle has a rubber grip. There is also a secondary handle available for drilling in a downward position. There is a feature for adjusting the torque as per your requirement.

The three functions of operations are available that allow you to choose the setting as per your work need. Rotating drill, hammering, and hammering plus rotation are the three functions.

Makita cordless hammer drillMakita cordless hammer drill
Power SourceHand Powered
Maximum Rotational Speed1200 RPM
Voltage18 Volts
Maximum Chuck Size10 Millimeters
  • Battery monitoring system.
  • Hand driven. 
  • Secondary handle.
  • Shock absorbent.
  • Changing the battery requires pressure. 

5. Brushless Dewalt Hammer Drill

The brushless Dewalt hammer drill is a reliable and robust drill machine. The advantage of using a Dewalt hammer drill is that it is lightweight and efficient. The brushless motor reduces the friction that, as a result, reduces the wear and tear of the motor. The maximum rotatory speed is 2250 rate per minute. The Dewalt hammer drill offers users two-speed options from 0 to 38 and 0 to 2250 RPM.

The handle grip is designed according to human ergonomics. It is easy and comfortable to use. The handle grip provides stability to the user while drilling. You can use LED light while you are working in a dark area.


The Dewalt hammer drill is a powerful machine whose motor gives the power of 820 watts. The chuck is made up of metal that is more durable and reliable. Its LED light is bright if you compare it with the previous models of the Dewalt hammer drill.

You will receive a belt hook. It will be helpful for the user. While trying to climb the ladder, the belt hook will be beneficial. The Dewalt hammer drill requires a current of twenty volts. It has a side angle as well. You can operate it from 360 degrees. 

The user will not feel fatigued after using the Dewalt hammer drill because it is lightweight. The light is not traditional where, as it is the spotlight. The advantage is LED is a spotlight that directly focuses on the subject.

Brushless Dewalt hammer drill
Power SourceBattery Powered
Voltage20 Volts
Maximum Chuck Size13 Millimeters
  • The Dewalt hammer drill has an LED spotlight.
  • 360 degrees secondary handle.
  • Powerful battery.
  • Two-speed operations.
  • Chuck is made up of metal.
  • The spotlight will get off after twenty minutes. 

6. Cordless Dewalt Hammer Drill

The cordless dewalt hammer drill is powered by a battery. It has a chuck size of 13 mm. The cordless hammer drill is available in appealing colors, yellow and black. The chuck is made of metal. The inner side of the chuck is made of carbide. The metal and carbide make the chuck durable. It increases the chuck’s life cycle and reduces the drill bit’s slippage. 

The cordless dewalt hammer drill is lightweight and has an additional handle. The handle is removable. You can use the secondary handle if you are comfortable. The cordless Dewalt hammer drill requires twenty volts of current. 


The cordless dewalt hammer drill is battery powered drill. Its chuck size is 13mm and requires 20 volts of current. The dewalt drill is available in yellow color. The maximum speed is 2000 rpm. The cordless dewalt hammer drill is a premium quality heavy-duty drill machine. 

Plumbers and electricians love the dewalt heavy-duty drilling. Its motor is highly efficient and provides more run time than the others. The cordless dewalt hammer drill feature of three speeds. You can adjust the speed accordingly. 0-600, 0-1250, and 0-2000 rates per minute are the three-speed options available. 

The internal size of the chuck is made of carbide, which minimizes the slippage of the drill bit. The parts of the Dewalt drill are made of metal to make the drill machine extremely durable. The dewalt has given a slim shape to the handle, so the user gets comfortable while using the heavy-duty drill machine. A three years warranty is available for cordless dewalt hammer drills.

Cordless Dewalt hammer drill
Power SourceBattery Powered
Voltage20 Volts
Maximum Chuck Size13 Millimeters
  • It uses only one lithium battery to operate. 
  • It has a brushless motor.
  • Electronically controls the motor to adjust speed according to the structure type.
  • It produces high torque. 
  • It would be best if you bought a battery and charger. 

7. Makita Side-Handle Hammer Drill

If you need to renovate your home or fix new bulb holders on the wall, You will need a power drill machine. You will need a small motor drill machine if you are not doing a heavy-duty task. The length of the M18 hammer drill is relatively shorter. The small-length drill machines are helpful while working in a confined space. The size of the M18 hammer drill is 1.5 inches. 

The M18 hammer drill has a brushless motor. Brushless motors are suitable in terms of motor life. If the motor is brushless, the life span of the motor will increase. A brushless motor produces less heat because there is less friction. When the brushes scrub with each other, they create friction. 

The maximum torque you will get is around 1200 RPM. The material which requires fast RPM for drilling, The M18, is best for these types of structures. The M18 hammer drill consumes red-lithium batteries. The chuck of the M18 hammer drill is corrosion-resistant. 


The M18 hammer drill is available in red and black color. The color scheme is attractive. The speed is 1000 rpm, and the weight is 4.5 pounds, approximately 2.04 kg. It produces high torque while drilling. You can drill in concrete and masonry. Choose the right drill bits before the drill. The side handle provides an extraordinary grip while drilling. 

The M18 hammer drill can also consume Red-lithium batteries. If you have a few bucks extra, you must buy the Red-lithium batteries. These batteries are more powerful and long-lasting than lithium-ion batteries.

M18 hammer drill
ColorRed, Black
Speed1000 RPM
Item Weight4.5 Pounds
Maximum Power800 Watts
  • Tracking function, in case the M18 hammer drill is lost. 
  • M18 hammer drill produces high torque.
  • M18 hammer drill uses Red-lithium batteries. 
  • Chuck is of low quality.
  • Sometimes the drill stops working.
  • Customer service needs to respond.

8. Makita Side-Handle Hammer Drill

Matika side-handle hammer drill provides a torque of 1020 inches per pound. At the same time, it has a brushless motor, so the motor doesn’t get heat-up. The RPM is electronically controlled and changes its speed according to the type of material you are drilling. It is made with a combination of blue, black, and silver colors. 


The Makita is a hand-powered drill that requires 18 volts of current. The Maktia side-handle hammer drill uses lithium-ion batteries. The Makita produces high torque. It is powerful that while drilling, it kicks back. The manufacturer uses carbon material to make it lightweight but relatively heavy. It requires only one lithium battery to operate. Its chuck size is 13mm.

Makita side-handle hammer drill
Power SourceBattery Powered
Maximum Chuck Size13 Millimeters
Voltage20 Volts
ColorBlack, Sky Blue and Silver
  • It uses only one lithium battery to operate. 
  • It has a brushless motor.
  • Electronically controls the motor to adjust speed according to the structure type.
  • It produces high torque. 
  • Kicks back, so be careful when drilling in a confined space. 
  • It is expensive. 


The best hammer drill for concrete will depend on the job at hand. If you want a hammer drill that can handle heavy-duty jobs. Look for one with a strong motor and sturdy construction if you want a hammer drill that is lighter and simpler to control. Then it would be best if you looked for a smaller motor and a more lightweight material.

Suppose you need the ideal concrete hammer drill. You should also consider the type of bit you intend to use. Look for a hammer drill with a carbide-tipped bit when drilling into hard concrete. Look for a hammer drill with a masonry bit if drilling into softer concrete.

You should also take the hammer drill’s features into account. Find one with a depth stop, a variable clutch, and adjustable speed settings. You can complete the task quickly and accurately with these features.

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