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Ingersoll Rand 2130 Impact Wrench Full Review

When it comes to Impact Wrenches, this thing is a beast!
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Heavy-Duty Air Impact Wrench
Ingersoll Rand 2130

Ingersoll Rand 2130


  • A full stroke teasing throttle is included for simple control.
  • Maximum torque power of 550 FPP is provided.
  • The forward/reverse switch employs accessible glide technology.
  • Power management in many positions is straightforward.
  • The casing is lightweight and constructed of reinforced aluminum designed by Ingersoll Rand for optimal performance.


  • Air consumption: 4.4(124.6 l per min) average 
  • Sound decibels: 96.6/109.6 
  • Speed: 9.500 rpm free 
  • Weight: 1.9 kg
  • Hose Minimum Size: 3/8 in (10 mm)


Build Quality7.5
Battery Life9.1
  • Significantly lighter and more pleasant to use.
  • Weighing only 4.2 pounds.
  • Highly robust.
  • It is an impact driver with high torque.
  • Some consumers have complained that the wrench is noisy when in use, and you may need to purchase some earplugs.

Whether you’re an expert mechanic or conduct auto maintenance in your garage, you understand the value of having the best gear. Ingersoll-Rand is well-known for producing some of the most durable precision tools that are available. With the launching of their Ingersoll-Rand 2130, they undoubtedly exceeded consumer expectations. 

This pneumatic wrench includes everything a mechanic might want in an air tool. The Ingersoll-Rand 2130 is a well-rounded, inexpensive power wrench that no workshop should be without, thanks to its robust outer casing and 550 pounds of torque.

An air impact wrench may be a suitable addition to your tool kit if you require a high-impact power tool for auto repairs at home or commercially. Air impact wrenches are intended to assist you in easily overcoming tough sockets or nuts.

In this article, we will cover the features of the 2130 Ingersoll-Rand and several other models of Ingersoll Rand.

Product Features

Build Quality and Design

Ingersoll Rand 2130 Impact Wrench

The Ingersoll-Rand IR 2130 Impact Wrench offers all of the functions and durability you’ve come to expect from the IR Impact Wrench series. This Impact has an intense twin hammer action and a composite materials casing, resulting in improved ergonomics.

The tool’s distinctive pistol-grip shape makes it easy to handle and manipulate You’ll also like the tool’s quick access to grease fittings, which allows for speedier maintenance and fewer downtimes. The tool’s highly durable composite housing helps to minimize weight and increase productivity.

It also has a pressure-fed lubricating system that ensures total coverage throughout the tool. The tool’s proprietary silent tool technology minimizes noise levels while maintaining best-in-class power delivery.

Ingersoll-Rand 2130 Air Impact Wrench Efficiency

The Ingersoll-Rand 2130 air impact wrench weighs only 4.2 pounds and comes with a durable aluminum hammer housing. This device has a maximum torque of 500 pounds, delivering quality results for all of your automotive demands. 

This tool is excellent for brake maintenance, tyre rotation, tightening or loosening lugs, springs and suspension work, front-end work, and various other mechanical tasks.

Working Mechanism

This device has a twin-hammer mechanism to enhance product lifetime. Because the Ingersoll-Rand 2130 is just 7.25 inches long, it may easily fit into tight areas for your ease. It is accompanied by a full stroke teasing throttle and various trigger speeds for optimum control.

The Ingersoll-Rand 2130 features a composite casing and simple glide backward with forward switching. This device also has multi-position power efficiency, giving you additional control when using it.

Simple to Use

This product features more superficial maintenance structures and consumes less energy and fewer functioning parts. This device also has a 7,000 RPM to save you time by operating quickly. This product requires a minimum hose diameter of 3/8 inch.

Outstanding Power-to-Weight Ratio

Ingersoll Rand 2130 Impact Wrench

Ingersoll Rand air tools regularly provide better torque and faster speeds. As a result, they are far more efficient than cordless tools drills and are a popular option for heavy equipment manufacture, vehicle repair, and other commercial uses.

This type of architecture enables repair and maintenance professionals to do each task quickly and efficiently, saving both time and money.


Parts that are easily serviced, endplate components simplified, and distinctive features provide the most extended tool life and the slightest downtime. That is improved productivity in whichever program you are using.

Reduced Operator Fatigue

Compared to tools with hefty electric motors, the simple design of an air motor considerably reduces the tool’s weight. A lighter tool reduces operator fatigue and increases operator control. It features an ergonomic design that allows the user to retain a firm grasp on the tool while quickly transitioning from one application to the next.

Reduced Downtimes

The Ingersoll Rand 2130 impact wrench features a simplified design with fewer components, resulting in a lower maintenance cost and faster servicing.

The air tool can also be rebuilt several times over its lifetime, prolonging its useful life. All of this is intended to enhance the tool’s productivity.

Ownership Costs are Lower

The Ingersoll Rand 2310 is built to survive for years, mainly when appropriately serviced. Electric impact tools barely last a fraction of that amount of time. As a consequence, the product is a good investment, resulting in reduced downtime.

Spark Proof Dwelling

This type is intended for use in even the most dangerous heavy-duty situations. It has a Spark-Proof Housing, hammer case, and anvil function in this regard.

The housing is composed of unique spark-resistant metal and incorporates lesser spark composites tech. Consequently, a lighter impact tool that has been shown to fulfill various safety criteria has been created.

Enhanced Safety

This instrument is used by professionals in various sectors, including automobile repair and maintenance, to complete the most difficult tasks. The Ingersoll Rand 2310 is specially built to fulfill safety standards for operating in potentially hazardous environments.

Distinctive Fastener Driving System from chemical refineries to plastic factories, this tool provides safe and productive solutions to satisfy the needs of a wide range of users.

The impact tool is intended to decrease the possibility of arcs or sparks in the workplace.

Ingersoll-Rand 2130 Air Impact Wrench Smooth Performance

The actual test of a pneumatic wrench is its ease of usage. It necessitates the use of a wrench that does not jerk or hop when used. Simply connecting the Ingersoll-Rand 2130 to your air pump and starting to work for several minutes demonstrates how smoothly this wrench works. 

It is designed with easy-glide operational characteristics to ensure that every drive is as seamless as possible. If you need to work on many automobiles or do a lot of drives for a major project, the Ingersoll-Rand 2130 is a tool that will allow you to work without tiring your body out.

Ingersoll Rand 231C Air Impact Wrench

Ingersoll Rand 231C Air Impact Wrench

The Ingersoll-Rand 231c air impact wrench is similar to the preceding version regarding weight (5.8 pounds) and ergonomic characteristics. The curved handle of this device makes grasping the Ingersoll-Rand 231c easier and more efficient. This product is similarly made of two pieces, making service and modifications simple.

This tool features extendable extensions for reaching tricky fasteners and spring-loaded detent balls. You won’t have to worry about dropping or losing these spring-loaded balls since they latch onto whatever socket you’re working with. The Ingersoll-Rand 231c also has pressure-feed lubrication, which allows you to operate for extended periods.

The Ingersoll-Rand model 231c, like the preceding model, has a dual hammer mechanism and an adjustable power regulator. You may use this regulator to regulate how much torque you wish to utilize at any particular time. The maximum torque of the Ingersoll-Rand 231c is 600 pounds.

Its set’s extension bars are composed of alloy steel for long-lasting use. The Ingersoll-Rand 231c has an output speed of 8,000 RPM and is pre-lubricated in the packaging for your ease. The Ingersoll-Rand 231c, like the previous model, is appropriate for expert mechanic work. The smallest hose size is 3/8 inch.

Ingersoll Rand 2100G Air Impact Wrench

Ingersoll Rand 2100G Air Imact Wrench

The Ingersoll Rand 2100G Air Impact Wrench makes it easy to complete tasks with a high power-to-weight ratio. This tool has everything it takes to handle the most challenging jobs, with a maximum reverse torque of 550 lbs. and a weight of only 4.3 pounds. 

Through a clever energy management system, this robust, compact pneumatic impact wrench produces tremendous torque. Tire replacement, engine maintenance, internal engine installation and removals, brake parts installation and removal, agricultural implementation and service, car maintenance and repair, and truck maintenance are all functions for the 2100G.

Frequently Asked Questions


If you want an air impact wrench with lots of force, has low weight, and is somewhat silent, you won’t find a better tool for the price than the Ingersoll-Rand 2130 1/2-Inch Air Impact Wrench.

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