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Milwaukee 2415-20 M12 Right Angle Drill Review

When it comes to right angle drills, this thing is a beast!
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Milwaukee 2415-20 M12 12-Volt Cordless Right Angle Drill
Product Title
Product Title
Milwaukee 2415-20 M12 12-Volt Cordless Right Angle Drill
Power Source
Power Source
Battery Powered
Special Features
Special Features
Battery Cell Type
Battery Cell Type
Warranty Description
Warranty Description
5 Years
item model number
item model number
Item Weight
Item Weight
2.25 Pounds
12 Volts
Batteries Included?
Build Quality7.5
Battery Life9.1
  • Durable and lightweight design
  • M12 lithium-Ion 12V battery
  • Powered by brushless motor for versatile performance
  • Enhanced reliability and performance
  • Comfortable usability
  • Bare tool only; battery needs to be purchased separately
  • For rare uses, torque may not be off to the mark

Bottom Line
The end product is lightweight and straightforward. Powered by an M12 Lithium-Ion 12 V battery and comes with an affordable price tag and a limited five-year warranty. The drill has a brushless motor and electronic clutch that provide efficient and versatile performance. Overall efficient performance in the small and compact packaged body. Yet, this product needs a battery to be purchased separately.

Milwaukee is known as one of the best power tools manufacturing companies in the world. It’s included in some of the biggest manufacturers that produces excellent and durable quality products. However, the product lineup of Milwaukee is vast. But in today’s article, we are going to target the M12 products from Milwaukee specifically.

Well! Speaking of the M12 right angle drill, this one over here is powered by a 12 V battery. The real engineering marvel provides incredibly reliable performance while being powered by only a 12V battery. The drill weighs only 2.25 pounds and is super lightweight to hold for more extended work durations without fatiguing the operator’s hand.

Milwaukee M12 Right-angle drills are super compact and have an elongated shape. They are designed to reach tight places where most of the other standard cordless drills can’t reach. They are mostly one hand usable. Apart from that, these right-angle drills have immense torque output, sufficient to deliver optimum performance.

Product Features

Easy To Use


The product is super easy to use. The drill has a variable speed trigger that efficiently controls the torque output and matches it with the ongoing drilling task. The drill has a 3/8 inch chuck that firmly holds the drill bit. The chuck is controlled by a single sleeve ratcheting chuck that allows the user to change the drill bits quickly.

The drill weighs only 2.25 pounds and has a length of 11 inches. This allows it to fit in any hand and also enables it to be used with single-handed operation. Apart from that, the drill’s speed trigger can easily be operated with two fingers that makes the speed controlling much more adjustable.

Outstanding Performance

This Milwaukee 90 degree drill has one of the most impressive output torque. It features an electronic clutch that has 11 settings and a drill mode. The electronic clutch is essential for more extended durability and life of the drill machine. The drill machines operate at very high speeds. When they feel resistance at high speeds, it can be very devastating for the gear systems. 

To avoid stalling and eliminate their consequences, especially at high speeds, the high-end and premium drill machines are equipped with clutch systems that automatically sense the stalling and disengages the gear system and drive gear. This prevents the system from resistance losses.

The extra clutch and chuck settings allow the user with more versatility to set the torque accordingly with the demand of the ongoing task. This way, the user doesn’t have to apply extra physical pressure on the drill. In short, the chuck control provides calm and continent drilling.

Maximum Reliability

Speaking of reliability, it’s indeed an essential factor to consider. The term “reliability” means that the product is adequate enough to power your task and let you complete the work on time without any problem. If the drill’s battery drains before your work’s completion, or if the drill is underpowered and cannot match the required torque, then that drill is of no use.

This Milwaukee right angle drill is designed to be a tough guy on Jobsite. So that it provides extreme performance and lets the user finish the task with peace and harmony. The drill is powered by the M12 lithium-ion battery (thus M12 right angle drill). This M12 technology enables the 12V battery to power the drill that can provide extremely reliable performance.

Brushless Motor


A brushless motor powers Milwaukee M12 Right angle drill. These uniquely designed motors are engineered for challenging drilling tasks. Also, they are fully optimized for increased performance, convenience, and efficiency. The brushless motors provide 50% better battery runtime. Also, it tends to be cooler than brushed motors in load conditions. Overall, they provide much more efficient and productive drilling performance.

Battery and Charger


Indeed, batteries are one of the most critical performance factors, especially in cordless drill machines. Alone the battery can decide whether satisfactory, and comfortable drilling will be offered to the user. With the right powered battery, the drilling is more productive and concentrated. Just a 30-minute charge and you are good to go.

This M12 right angle drill comes with an onboard battery gauge. This effectively displays the remaining battery time on this compact right angle drill. This feature is prevalent in high-end drill machines. The features actively show the predicted remaining time to use the drill efficiently and complete the task correctly before the battery requires charging.

The built-in LED also enables the user to illuminate the dark workspaces properly. The LED is beneficial in light conditions as it nicely throws light on the drill bit. The user can see whether the screw head is entirely inside the object without any bump. The LED also indicates if the clutch is not in its place.

P.S. You are supposed to purchase the battery separately.


Warranty is an essential thing if you are spending a fair amount on a tool believed to be used severely at high speeds. Despite the good build quality, there are still some chances that the drill may be prone to small damages. Thus, to provide the users with even more confident drilling, the company offers a limited warranty of 5 years on this Milwaukee cordless right angle drill. 

This is a very decent amount of warranty tenure. And you are liable to claim the warranty if you have purchased the drill from an authorized dealer. This way, you don’t only have the confidence of buying the original product. You also have the appropriate warranty claims option available if required.

The M12 Lineup

The M12 lineup from Milwaukee contains around 100 plus power tools. All powered by an M12 battery. These batteries are ready to power any tools, whether designed to drill, staple, apply adhesive or even cut cables. The products are designed to deliver outstanding performance to meet challenging tasks. These products may contain hammer drills, impact drivers, right-angle drills, and combo kits.

Bottom Line

The end product is lightweight and straightforward. Powered by an M12 Lithium-Ion 12 V battery and comes with an affordable price tag and a limited five-year warranty. The drill has a brushless motor and electronic clutch that provide efficient and versatile performance. Overall efficient performance in the small and compact packaged body. Yet, this product needs a battery to be purchased separately.

Should You Buy The M12 Right Angle Drill?

Definitely yes! Especially if you are looking for a compact and powerful right angle drill. These tools create a perfect ecosystem with already owned M12 power tools. These tools are very cost-friendly and are designed to outperform. In general, these products are great value for money and are nicely equipped with all the essential and comfort features.

How to Get Maximum Productive Out Of M12 Right Angle Drill?


For every drill, if you have the supporting extra tools, you get more productive and efficient drilling from the same machine. To get more results from this drill, you can buy the complete Milwaukee 2415-21 M12 Right Angle Drill Kit. This combo kit includes a right-angle drill, M12 lithium-Ion battery, half hour charger and a soft carrying case. The perfect combination of these drills make this very useful tool kit.


Finally to conclude, today’s discussion, the right angle drills are super compact and very powerful. They can be used for several applications like polishing, drilling, cutting, etc. The M12 right angle drill is a very productive machine in a small and handy body. The overall feel and drilling experience on this machine are fantastic. If you are looking for a small, handy, and powerful machine, trust us, it’s meant for you.

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