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Best Drill Bit Porcelain Tile in 2024

These drill bits were highly effective for working with porcelain tile.
Drill Bits
Disclaimer: Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission.

Although porcelain tiles are beautiful and affordable, drilling the porcelain tiles is a serious task, so you should show concern towards the drill bit. Porcelain tiles may be drilled into with a variety of drill bits, but for clean cuts or holes, you must use the right drill bit for porcelain.

Porcelain tile breakage, amateur cuts, or holes might result from using the wrong drill bit to cut the tile. As a mechanic, I know the ideal drill bit for cutting porcelain tile without breaking, and I will share all that expertise with you below.

Generally, a masonry drill bit with a carbide or diamond tip is the ideal tool for cutting porcelain tiles. I recommend the Bosch HDG 14 ¼ inch diamond hole saw.

After trying a range of drill bits, both costly and cheap, I’m delighted to share my experience with you and tell you which drill bits are ideal for your budget. Let’s explore and have a look:

Best Drill Bit Porcelain Tile

Essential Considerations for the Best Drill for Porcelain Tiles:

When you buy drill bits for porcelain tiles following points you should keep in mind:

Avoid Things When You Buy Drill Bits

Tips and Tricks

  • If you drill too swiftly and forcibly, the drill bit and the tile may overheat. Tiles might crack as a result of heating. 
  • Drill gradually and steadily. Drilling too close to a tile’s edge increases the likelihood that the tile may break and sustain damage. 
  • While protecting the tile, masking tape can help you pinpoint exactly where you want to drill.

Most Suitable Drill Bit for Porcelain Tiles

Our Top 10 Picks for Suitable Best Drill Bit Porcelain Tile:

Drilax Diamond Drill Bit Diamond Hole Saw

Drilax Diamond Drill Bit Diamond Hole Saw

  • Package Dimensions: 6.7 x 4.7 x 2.8 inches
  • Item Weight: 12.8 ounces
  • Manufacturer: DRILAX
High Drill Diamond Drill Bits Kit

High Drill Diamond Drill Bits Kit

  • Manufacturer: HIGHDRIL
  • Item Weight: 4.11 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 9.65 x 8.03 x 5.08 inches
  • Size: ‎SET2
  • Material: Artificial diamond and steel
BGTEC Dry Diamond Drill Bit

BGTEC Dry Diamond Drill Bit

  • Material: Diamond
  • Shank Type: Hex
  • Cutting Angle String: 45 Degrees
  • Brand: BGTEC
  • Surface Recommendation: Ceramic,Porcelain,Stone
Neiko 00823A Diamond Hole Saw Drill Bit Set

Neiko 00823A Diamond Hole Saw Drill Bit Set

  • Materia:Marble,Glass,Porcelain,Ceramics,Diamond
  • Brand: Neiko
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 4 x 3 x 1 inches
  • Color: Silver
  • Style: 1 Pack (5pc)
  • Item Weight: 0.01 Ounces
Baban Diamond Drill Bits

Baban Diamond Drill Bits

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Brand: Baban
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 3.54 x 2.76 x 1.18 inches
  • Color: Carbon
  • Style: 6mm-32mm
  • Item Weight: 0.02 Pounds
DKIBBITH Dry Diamond Drill Bit

DKIBBITH Dry Diamond Drill Bit

  • Material: Diamond
  • Shank Type: Hex
  • Cutting Angle String: 45 Degrees
  • Brand: DKIBBITH
  • Tool Flute Type: Straight
Rokrou Diamond Drill Bit Saw Kit

Rokrou Diamond Drill Bit Saw Kit

  • Material: Marble, Glass, Diamond
  • Brand: Rokrou
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 9 x 6.2 x 1.1 inches
  • Color: Red
  • Style: Adjustable
  • Compatible Material: Glass, Marble
  • Number of Pieces: 10
Bosch HDG 14 ¼ inch diamond hole saw

Bosch HDG 14 ¼ inch diamond hole saw

  • Material: Diamond
  • Brand: BOSCH
  • Color: Blue
  • Style: 1 Piece
  • Compatible Material: Porcelain
  • Number Of Pieces: 1
QWORK 5 pcs set

QWORK 5 pcs set

  • Material: Carbide
  • Finish Type: Carbide
  • Shank Type: 3-Flat
  • Brand: QWORK
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 2.76 x 0.63 x 5.43 inches
Hillman tapper carbide tipped drill bit

Hillman tapper carbide tipped drill bit

  • Manufacturer: The Hillman Group
  • Item Weight: ‎0.352 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: ‎5.5 x 0.15 x 0.15 inches
  • Material: ‎Carbide
  • Item Package Quantity: 1

1. Bosch Hdg 14 ¼ Inch Diamond Hole Saw

When drilling in porcelain tile, Bosch carbide-tipped tile drill bits are an affordable yet great piece of equipment. If you prevent them from heating, then these work incredibly well. The Bosch tools really perform well on porcelain, in my experience. 

The bit’s sharp tip prevents it from wandering or strolling. The majority of your requirements will be satisfied by 1/8, 3/16, 1/14, and 5/16 bits. I love to do work with 1/8 bit. It is strong enough to sink into the porcelain tile. 

To avoid overheating, it possesses segmented teeth. Its quick-change design makes it simple to handle and manipulate. If you dip it in cold water, you’ll be able to work more quickly.

  • Powerful tool.
  • Simple to use.
  • Quick style change.
  • Cuts quickly and easily.
  • Outstanding design
  • Vacuum-brazed diamond grit.
  • Easily wear out.
  • Need a unique center attachment or a ¾-inch drill bit.
  • Works slowly.
Bosch HDG 14 ¼ inch diamond hole saw
Number Of Pieces1
Size60-Pc. Set

2. Qwork 5 Pcs Set

It has 5 pcs of a set, so you can easily find the size you need and has the best value. It is our best choice for drilling a bit of porcelain because it is easy on your budget. Also, this set has a U-groove which helps remove dust while keeping the temperature moderate.

The anti-skid handle helps to reduce slippage while working for efficient cutting. The QWORK’s shorter length means that you won’t be able to drill as many holes before you need to replace it.

  • Low cost.
  • Anti-skid handle.
  • U-groove.
  • Not long-lasting.
  • Tungsten carbide tip.
QWORK 5 pcs set
Finish TypeCarbide
Item Dimensions LxWxH2.76 x 0.63 x 5.43 inches

3. Hillman Tapper Carbide Tipped Drill Bit

Hillman tapper carbide tipped drill bit is best when you need a few holes. It works well on a variety of surfaces. We used masking tape for almost all the holes because the bit tended to wander without it.

 It is the best drill bit, and with almost 45 holes, it causes it to blunt. Additionally, its performance and durability remained strong under stress, and the bit never snapped. It is also cost-effective.

  • Quick drilling on tiles.
  • More economical.
  • Not best for porcelain.
Hillman tapper carbide tipped drill bit
Item Package Quantity1
Product Dimensions5.5 x 0.15 x 0.15 inches
Item Weight0.352 ounces
BrandThe Hillman Group

Diamond Drill Bit:

I like to utilize porcelain bits with electroplated diamonds. It would help if you drilled with them while using a lot of water and low RPM. 

Make sure the tile’s surface is wet, and starting at a 45-degree angle, hold the drill chuck between your thumb and fingers; after cutting the small lip, further work at 90 degrees to the title. Ask your friend to shoot water at the wet surface you are grinding through.

Best Diamond Drill Bits:

4. Drilax Diamond Drill Bit Diamond Hole Saw

The 10-piece Drilax Diamond drill bit diamond hole saw is the best for any task around the house. It has a thick coating of the diamond which creates a hole with a very smooth and quick. Also, it has a long life span and makes many cuts before you need a new one.

The case is also best so you can easily protect it, but the downside of these bits is they are expensive and might be too many if you do not need many holes.

  • 10 no. of pieces.
  • Smooth surface.
  • Best case.
  • Long life span.
  • You need to work on your budget.
Drilax Diamond drill bit diamond hole saw
Item Weight12.8 ounces
Package Dimensions6.7 x 4.7 x 2.8 inches

5. BGTEC Dry Diamond Drill Bit

It comes with 5 no. of the pack and excellent cooling wax for extended usage. Its diameter is about ¼ – ½ inches. You can use it for multiple works. The best thing is that it can be compatible with dry and wet drilling. It also has vacuum-brazed diamond technology.

However, the drawback is that it only lasts for around 4 to 5 drills at most.

  • Multiple usages.
  • Both dry and wet drilling is compatible.
  • Vacuum brazed technology.
  • Not long-lasting.
BGTEC Dry Diamond Drill Bit
Shank TypeHex
Cutting Angle String45 Degrees

6. High Drill Diamond Drill Bits Kit

These are diamond and steel material drill bits and are available you almost nine bits. These drill bits are best for porcelain tiles, hard materials, and even bricks. These bits easily fit on the electric drill and a hand drill.

These drill bits provide you with smooth as well as fast drilling. Also, it only causes a little mess behind.

  • Strong case.
  • SDS shank adapter.
  • It would be best if you used the adapter to fit this on a machine other than an Angle Grinder.
  • Not all bit sizes reduce how much chipping there may be.
High Drill Diamond Drill Bits Kit
MaterialArtificial diamond and steel
Item Weight‎4.11 pounds
Package Dimensions9.65 x 8.03 x 5.08 inches

7. DKIBBITH Dry Diamond Drill Bit

It is among the top drill bits for porcelain tile and is inexpensive. These sets come with 5 drills giving you a great option that you can use according to your need. These drill bits increased the drilling stability and easily created 4 to 5 holes without causing any blunders.

This drill bit has Vacuum brazed technology, which means you can easily create perfect holes through any of the most brutal or complex materials. Also, elegant and handy, the DKIBBITH Dry Diamond Drill Bit case.

  • Wide range of drill hole diameters.
  • Vacuum brazed technology.
  • Cooling wax lubricant.
  • Compatible with multiple machines.
  • After 4 to 5 holes, it becomes blunt.
DKIBBITH Dry Diamond Drill Bit
Cutting Angle String45 Degrees
Shank TypeHex
Tool Flute TypeStraight

8. Neiko 00823A Diamond Hole Saw Drill Bit Set

It comes with 5 pieces and easy to get perfect holes in your porcelain tiles. They are intended for usage with clay and stone. On porcelain, the carbide bit frequently pulls off. 

The tip of the CNC machine is extremely smooth, diamond electroplated, and durable. These bits are made of sturdy steel and are simple to remove. 

The lengthy process is the one disadvantage, though.

  • Electroplated with diamond surface.
  • Solid steel construction.
  • You can easily remove it.
  • Time-taking process.
Neiko 00823A Diamond Hole Saw Drill Bit Set
MaterialMarble, Glass, Porcelain, Ceramics, Diamond
Item Dimension4 x 3 x 1 inches
Style1 Pack (5pc
Item Weight0.01 Ounces

9. Baban Diamond Drill Bits

It is an excellent drill bit for any home workshop. They are constructed of high-speed steel to maintain a comfortable temperature, extending their lifespan. It also provides a smooth cut on porcelain tiles and hard material surfaces.

The negative part of the BABAN Diamond drill bits is that it does not come with a case to hold bits and are also slow to cut through the tile.

  • Several bits.
  • High-speed steel.
  • Slow on working.
  • It does not have any case.
Baban Diamond Drill Bits
Item Dimensions LxWxH3.54 x 2.76 x 1.18 inches
MaterialStainless Steel
Item Weight0.02 Pounds

10. ROKROU diamond drill bit saw kit

In this set, you can receive 15 different bit sizes. ROKROU diamond drill bit saw kit is the best for your home DIY. They have a better capability to do drilling in porcelain. Its diameter range from 6mm or 0.24 inches.

These are carbon steel or nickel-coated material. A major bit mode includes a bearing to better support more significant bits, whereas a minor bit mode changes the bearing to match smaller bits. Additionally, assist you in avoiding surface scratches.

  • Reliable bit.
  • Easy to use.
  • Does not slide around.
  • The case does not good.
  • Poor quality of a suction cup.
Rokrou Diamond Drill Bit Saw Kit
MaterialMarble, Glass, Diamond
Compatible MaterialGlass, Marble
Number of Pieces10

Frequently Asked Questions:


It would help if you were adequately careful when drilling in any tile. Otherwise, your risk of messing up with things is increased. When you go on porcelain tile, remember to go slowly and with low pressure.

Usually, both hard and soft porcelain projects may be handled by diamond drill bits and bits with carbide tips. We hope our list may provide you with some useful leads if you need assistance locating the ideal drill bit for your requirements

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