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Best Power Tools For Women in 2024

Women who have the ability to perform general home maintenance can benefit from these tools.
Disclaimer: Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission.

In recent years, men no longer exclusively utilize power tools; many women have been shopping at hardware stores to purchase power tools. As the traditional family model has shifted over time, so have women’s roles in using power tools.

Because there is such a wide variety of power tools available, it can be challenging to determine which ones are most suitable for the requirements of a woman. But there is no need to be concerned since we have you covered. The following are some of the power tools that are ideal for women:

Best Power Tools For Women

How to Use Power Tools?

The prospect of utilizing power tools for the first time might be intimidating, especially if you have not done it before. You won’t be able to use them like an expert immediately, but don’t worry; all it takes is some basic knowledge and practice. This is a brief tutorial on how to operate some of the power tools that are most frequently seen.

Always remember to wear protective gear before using any power equipment; this is one of the things you need to keep in mind. This includes goggles, gloves, and hearing protection if the device emits a deafening noise. 

Before using the instrument, you should ensure you are familiar with how it works and always follow the directions provided by the manufacturer.

When using a saw, you should always check to ensure that the blade is in good shape and harp. Before you begin cutting, make sure that the saw is fastened correctly. The saw should not slide and create an accident because it is the last thing you want to happen.

If you want to be sure that the cuts you are making are exact, you should always use a measuring tape or a ruler. When using a power drill, be sure that your hands are at a safe distance from the bit while the training is functioning.

Power Tools For Women: Buying Guide

Women frequently encounter prejudice when it comes to the purchase of power equipment. Not only are women often seen as physically frailer and less competent than males, but it’s also generally regarded that they have little interest in using power equipment. 

This is not even close to being accurate! Many women feel that working with power tools gives them a sense of empowerment and enjoyment.

There are a few things that you, as a woman who is interested in acquiring power tools, should bear in mind if you are shopping for these items. To begin, selecting the appropriate instrument for the task is essential. 

You don’t have to buy the most potent or costly tool on the market; instead, you should concentrate on obtaining a well-made and appropriate device for the job. Second, before utilizing any power tool, be sure you’ve thoroughly read the accompanying handbook. 

This will not only assist you in understanding how the instrument operates, but it will also keep you safe while you are using it. Last but not least, if you are having problems utilizing a particular instrument, do not be embarrassed to ask for assistance; there is no shame in recognizing that you require some help.

If you keep these suggestions in mind, you should have no trouble locating the power tool most suited to meet your requirements. Happy shopping!

1. Jigsaw

A jigsaw is a portable power saw that may be used to cut various materials, including wood, metal, plastic, and foam. There are a wide variety of jigsaws on the market today, ranging from those with only the most fundamental capabilities to high-end ones with a wide variety of features that can be helpful in various contexts.

If you do not have a jigsaw, you will not be able to do tasks that demand you to cut lines that are either straight or curved. Therefore, every woman’s toolbox would benefit significantly from including this power tool. 

Using a jigsaw will make short work of several different cutting chores. In addition, you won’t have difficulty running a jigsaw because the function is simple.

Jigsaws are typically rather cumbersome and large. However, several manufacturers created power tools specifically for the hands of women and introduced jigsaws that were far lighter than in the past. Jigsaws equipped with a top handle are safer and give the user greater control over the cutting process.

Power Source Battery Powered
Voltage120 Volts
Blade MaterialHigh-Speed Steel
Special FeatureBrushless
Warranty1 Year

2. Oscillating and Rotary Tools

You are limited in what you can accomplish without power tools. Thus it is highly recommended that you get high-quality power equipment for your house. 

Oscillating tools are used for slicing, piercing, polishing, and shaping, whereas rotary instruments are used for fastening, tightening, and securing. Oscillating tools are also excellent for shaping.

The term “multi-tool” collectively refers to oscillating and rotary power tools. These two power tools will be helpful if you do not have enough space in your storage area to keep several different power equipment securely.

The tool’s functionality may be altered based on the head attached to the multi-tool, which is easily interchangeable. You can use your multi-tool for a variety of projects thanks to this feature. 

It is not difficult to change the head of the tool to one that has a round or straight blade, an attachment for sanding, a drill bit, or any of several other devices. You can alter the bit with a little bit of practice.

Although we provide a selection of power tools created with female users in mind, the vast majority of our offerings are adaptable for use by people of either gender. 

The correct way to hold the tools is the one thing you will need to remember. The forefinger and thumb have a rotary tool but the middle finger and the thumb handle an oscillating tool.

Suppose you are not confident in your ability to use any of these instruments. In that case, you should begin experimenting with a cordless one to determine whether or not you enjoy using it. You always have the option to convert to a corded model that is more powerful if you find that you still can’t get along with the controls.

Power Source Battery Powered
Voltage20 Volts
Warranty‎‎3 Year
Item Weight2.4 pounds

3. Cordless Screwdriver

Many tasks need screws to be screwed in or unscrewed, and most of the time, screwing in or disassembling screws takes additional strength that we can’t manage with only our hands. At this point, you will be supported by a cordless screwdriver, giving you more power.

The cordless screwdriver should have a small design, and the handle should include elements that make it comfortable. By utilizing these two characteristics, you can manage to screw or unscrew jobs in confined spaces.

If you are the kind of person who enjoys doing do-it-yourself projects around the house, you really ought to consider investing in a cordless screwdriver for yourself.

It is pretty helpful to have cordless screwdrivers since you can carry them wherever you go and use them in any environment, whether at home or in a workshop. 

You may even use them to tighten nuts and bolts, even though they are tiny and lightweight. Because of its ergonomic design, which enables the user to control the motor with just one hand, they are also straightforward to operate.

Power Source Battery Powered
Voltage20 Volts
Speed4500 RPM

4. Cordless Drill

Everyone needs to have their cordless drill. This versatile piece of equipment will not fail you, whether you put it to use to construct a unique shelf for your space or to hang a massive picture frame.

Pick a cordless drill that packs a punch yet isn’t cumbersome to hold. Some cordless drills explicitly designed for women come with a detachable battery pack that can be fastened to a belt. This feature makes the exercise lighter and more manageable for the user.

Power Source Battery Powered
Voltage20 Volts
Item Weight4.25 pounds
Maximum Chuck Size‎10 Millimeters
Warranty2 Year

5. Impact Driver

It is typically expected of women to spend a significant amount of time engaging in do-it-yourself tasks, as women are the ones who handle the majority of the housework. If you fit into this group, you will likely require a robust impact driver that is up to the task’s challenge.

Impact drivers are power tools that apply rotational force to fasteners like screws, nails, or bolts to drive them into wood or metal. Using these fasteners will thus assist in maintaining the integrity of your projects.

If you are having trouble removing a screw with a standard socket wrench or want a little bit more strength to get the job done, an impact driver will be a helpful alternative.

Impact drivers often fall into one of these three categories. The first kind is a tool that resembles a hammer and has a revolving head with a nail or screw bit connected. This type may be used to drive nails or screws. The second kind is a drill that has a bit that rotates, and the third variety combines the first two.

You gave an impact driver a severe blow with a hammer, which caused it to respond with a powerful and abrupt rotating force. This was accomplished because the impact driver’s rear was hit with a hammer. 

It is a vital tool for women because it is comfortable on the hand, has noise protection, and drives lengthy screws. All of these features combine to make it a powerful tool. 

In addition to that, it drives in lengthy bolts. If you are having trouble removing a screw with a standard socket wrench or want a little bit more strength to get the job done, an impact driver will be helpful as an alternative.

Power Source Battery Powered
Voltage18 Volts
Maximum Chuck Size13 Millimeters
Special FeatureVariable Speed
Item Weight2.65 Pounds

6. Circular Saw

A circular saw is a house’s most frequently utilized power tool. Although they have a wide range of applications, cutting and shaping wood is where they shine the most. 

Additionally, it is one of the most flexible power tools that can be purchased since it has a blade that is simple to comprehend and operates in a circular motion, which enables it to cut in any direction. In addition, you may carve and shape wood with it, cut through metal with it, and use it to construct furniture.

A circular saw is more potent than a jigsaw, which will significantly assist you in completing a more meaningful activity. You have the flexibility to choose between cordless and corded circular saws, depending on the needs of the project you are working on. 

Circular saws are available in all of these configurations. In addition, a circular saw may slice through wood with the assistance of a toothed blade or a sharp disc.

There are two distinct kinds of circular saws: the miter saw, which is meant to cut material in a vertical direction, and the table saw, designed to cut materials in horizontal order. 

Before using any of these valuable and powerful tools, you need to have a foundational grasp of what they are and how they work. Before you go out and buy a circular saw, there are a few things you should be aware of, mainly if you have never used one before.

To properly utilize a circular saw, you will need the necessary experience level since failure to do so might put you in a potentially hazardous scenario. 

In addition, selecting a circular saw of the highest possible quality and the appropriate blade type for the job is essential. Excellent performance and the best outcome are guaranteed when a circular saw is used correctly.

Power Source Battery Powered
ColorOriginal version
Voltage120 Volts (AC)
Item Weight‎8.7 Pounds
Special FeatureSpindle Lock
Blade Length‎7.25 Inches

7. Sander

Sandpaper is a tool that may be used to make any surface more even and smooth. However, smoothing with sandpaper is a chore that is arduous and takes a significant amount of time. 

In addition, sandpaper might cause injury to your hands. So, what other materials may be used instead of sandpaper? An electric power sander will unquestionably prove to be the more practical alternative gear in this scenario.

Sander is the most effective tool for sanding wood and plastic goods ranging from tiny to medium sizes, and it comes with a range of accessories. 

Sanders is also useful for roughing up surfaces before completing them, but they are not the tool of choice for fine details work such as painting or cutting elaborate patterns.

Compared to using sandpaper, using it will make attaining a smooth finish far less complicated and more efficient. Choose a sander from the wide variety available and make sure it is comfortable to use in your hand. Sanders is a genuine instrument of power for honest working women.

This is the ideal piece of equipment for you to use if you are searching for a sander capable of dealing with complex and demanding jobs. It is much simpler to use because of the angle-adjustable handle. Sanding, grinding, polishing, and smoothing are all easily accomplished with this one convenient tool.

The Makita XSR12-B12-T1 is the sander that is the most comfortable to use for women’s hands. Its handle is well-built and comfortable to grasp, and its slim design means it won’t get in the way. This sander not only has a long life expectancy, but it will also last you for a very long time if you take care of it properly.

Power Source Battery Powered
Voltage120 Volts
Item Weight‎1 Pounds
Warranty2 year

8. Chop Saw

The structure of a woman’s hand is structured different from the form of a man’s hand. The dimensions, contours, and anatomical makeup of a woman’s hand can vary significantly from one woman to the next. As a result, power tools designed for men’s hands won’t always be comfortable for women to use.

Because of this, it is essential to select a chop saw that is tailored precisely to the size of your hand and to ensure that it correctly fits your hand. Before you go out and buy a saw, you need to consider your financial situation.

It is possible to refer to a chop saw as a miter saw. A rotating blade makes up this saw, which functions like a circular saw. 

The user of this spinning blade will be able to cut through a piece of material at various angles. Miter saws are often light and portable, making them simple to operate and transport from one location to another.

When power-cutting large lines, miter saws are not the tool to use. They are experts in cutting moldings and trimmings of various kinds. The use of a miter saw makes the process of constructing a picture frame far less taxing.

Power Source Battery Powered
BrandMetabo HPT
Voltage120 Volts
Blade MaterialHigh Speed Steel
Item Weight25 Pounds
Blade Length10 Inches

9. Pole Saw

When searching for power tools for your house, it is essential that you have a clear idea of both the sort of instrument you want and the environment in which it will be used. 

It would help if you learned how to handle a pole saw since it is likely one of the most versatile tools you may own and because it is crucial that you do so. Many ladies like spending their free time gardening. In addition, a pole saw is an essential instrument for gardening.

A chainsaw known as a pole saw is distinguished by its attachment to a pole. A pole saw is helpful for various gardening activities, including removing dead branches, cutting tree vines, and trimming tree limbs. 

They are a breeze to work with because of their low weight. In addition, using this power tool does not need a high level of expertise. Using a pole saw, you may give the trees in your landscape a pleasing form to look at.

Power Source Battery Powered
Voltage18 Volts
Chain Length10 Inches
Item Weight6.8 pounds
Batteries1 Lithium Ion Batteries

10. Laser Level

On the wall, you ought to display a photograph commemorating your anniversary. You have amassed all the resources required to complete the little project successfully. 

You put a hole in the wall with the help of a drill machine, but after you have hung the picture and looked at it, you realize that the gap is not in a straight line. Isn’t it pretty frustrating?

Using a laser level, rather than a traditional story, is recommended to steer clear of situations like the one described, which may be pretty aggravating.

Using a laser level, you may create a crisp line on your working area that is either horizontal or vertical. There is a choice between red and green regarding the laser color. 

The best part is a house’s most frequently utilized power tool, even when the sun is directly overhead. The utilization of a laser level is less complicated than that of a traditional level.

When shopping for a laser level, it is essential to remember that this is a beneficial instrument for anybody who is required to work on a construction site or do any other sort of work in which precision and accuracy are essential. Additionally, it is beneficial for engineers, architects, and painters.

The laser level is equipped with several characteristics that render it incredibly adaptable. The most significant part is that it can be utilized for many projects. 

It may be used as a level to guarantee your desk is flat, as a level to ensure your walls are plumb, or as a level to ensure your entire project is completed correctly.

Power Source Battery Powered
ColorMulti color
Voltage120 Volts
Item Weight7.2 Ounces
Operation ModeAutomatic
Warranty2 Year

11. Air Hammer

For women who are often on the move, a convenient instrument like an air hammer may be a literal lifesaver. It is highly beneficial for jobs involving home maintenance and restoration, and it will assist in preventing your nails from becoming split or chipped.

The air hammer is a highly flexible instrument that may be utilized on a wide variety of various kinds of surfaces. Two distinct versions may be purchased. 

One was developed specifically for use with wood, while the other was explicitly designed for use with concrete. Each one is useful, but they cannot be substituted for one another.

An air hammer often referred to as an air chisel, is a genuine power tool suitable for real working women. A hand tool known as an air hammer is typically used to break and cleave metals away from one another. In addition to that, it is a hand tool that is used for carving designs into stones.

We have a wide variety of air hammers, including the electric hair hammer, the tiny hair hammer, the cordless air hammer, and many more.

The CP717 is the most potent air hammer that is currently available. It is a heavy-duty air hammer that may be used for off-road equipment and automobiles.

Craftsman CMXPTSG1010NB Air Hammer
Power Source Air Powered
ColorRed and Black
Item Weight3.82 Pounds
Warranty3 Year

12. Miter Saw

A miter saw, sometimes called a chop saw, is a sort of circular saw installed to provide the user with the ability to perform a rapid crosscut on a piece of wood at an angle the user chooses. They are often lightweight, portable, and simple to operate.

This electric tool is not designed to cut long lines but moldings and trimmings like crowns and baseboards. In addition to that, you may construct photo frames with them.

Power Source Battery Powered
ColorFactory, Red
Voltage20 Volts
Special FeatureBrushless
Speed800 RPM
Item Weight21.8 pounds

13. Drill Press

The drilling press, also known as a drilling machine, is considered one of the women’s most useful power tools. It’s a tool to make holes in things like walls, complex substances, metal, and other similar materials. However, working with metal might be difficult if you don’t know how to use a drill press properly.

If you’re a lady who enjoys working with power tools, you should purchase the drill press designed specifically for female users. 

These are tailored to the needs of a woman’s hands and include features such as height-adjustable tables, bigger holes, and footrests that can be positioned in various positions. You may search online and discover an affordable drill press for ladies that meets all your requirements.

Power Source Battery Powered
ColorFactory, Red
Voltage120 Volts
Speed600 RPM

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Our top picks for power tools that are appropriate for women are shown above. We hope that you can put these to effective use in your day-to-day life.

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