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Top 8 Power Tool Brands in the Market (2024)

It's difficult to choose a Power Tools BRAND, Right?
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Good power tools provide a great drilling experience and let you focus on the task at hand. Nothing can beat the satisfaction of a secure and reliable drilling experience.

In this article, we will briefly compare the top eight power tool brands in terms of their performance, durability, and reliability. 

Power tools brands are the measure of trust and confident task performance metrics. Usually, the better the brand, the better performance and durability you get.

With passing time, the market gets new best tool companies, the ultimate decision of the best brand becomes difficult. 

When you perform any task at hand that requires the use of power tools, performance is undoubtedly significant. Whether you are performing a professional heavy-duty task or performing a small and handy household task, you will never relish the task if you are underpowered.

These are the brands which we will be talking about in this article:

The ranking or numbers in this list doesn’t depict their true/ actual ranking. In a broad sense, all of these mentioned are the best tool companies around the globe.


dewalt power tools

This is, perhaps, undoubtedly the best tool brand of this era. Though their tools are a little pricier than the other tools of the same type, Dewalt tools are worth the price. Their tools provide ultimate reliability and are made to last ages. 

Since 1923, this is the best tool manufacturing company, pioneering in radial arm saw. Though Black and Decker attained the company in 1960 due to the financial crisis, the company saw a new market place and boom that is continued to date.

Today, Dewalt is manufacturing hundreds of power tools that are super durable. The modern XR brushless lineup of Dewalt assembles cordless drills and other power tools that are very powerful and is made to last ages. 

Apart from cordless drills, Dewalt manufactures many power tools that provide ultimate reliability and versatility. The products are a result of German manufacturing. The main lineup includes the 18V and 20V cordless power tools

Surprisingly, the latest Dewalt FLEXVOLT model has a feature that allows them to shift between 20V and 60V. This allows the user with the power to and versatility to get remarkable performance on demand.


craftsman power tools

In 1927 by Sears, this company saw many downfalls until it was owned by Black and Decker back in 2017. Their major contribution to the power tool industries includes cordless/corded and gasoline tools. 

Craftsman’s Versa system is of great importance for them. This lineup’s main objective is to manufacture and defend organizing tools for different workspaces like a garage, shed or workroom, etc.

Craftsman’s V20 powered batteries provide an extreme ecosystem in cordless. They are available in a number of different amperes, like from 2 Ah to 9 Ah. These batteries for power tools include LED indicators that show the remaining runtime of these batteries. These battery indicators are extremely beneficial and helpful and allow us to plan tasks accordingly. 

Apart from the power tools,  gasoline lawn mowers hold their significant place in the company’s lineup. However, this is indeed one of the oldest power tool manufacturing brands, producing vast numbers of personal power tools, great for most DIYers and homeowners out there.  And these tools are there to get every task done, despite its uniqueness or complexity.


milwaukee power tools

Milwaukee started back in 1924; the company has developed ground-breaking key solutions to industrial problems and has developed many durable and reliable products. The M12 and M18 lineup holds special significance and is alone sufficient to explain Milwaukee’s sheer build quality.

Apart from the innovative and compact M12 and M18 product lineup, the MX fuel, and PACKOUT storage systems also contribute to its pride. Most of the Milwaukee products are made by keeping the harsh Jobsite environment in mind to deliver reliable performance.

The key ignitor in the fame of Milwaukee was their Hole shooter product. This was a very powerful drill that supported single-handed operation. Due to this lightweight and compact design, the company started its successful top tool brand of compact cordless drills.

The company’s main targets are professionals; who demand extreme durability, long-lasting build quality, and extraordinary performance. Today Milwaukee has hundreds of products in its lineup, and most of them are compact cordless M12 power tools. 

The M12 lineup is powered by the same 12 V battery but can deliver input to 100+ products. The Milwaukee tool warranty is also very famous for its long-lasting existence.



Perhaps, this company is almost more than 100 years old. It started in 1915. Today this brand is spread in more than 40 countries worldwide. With over ten power tool manufacturing plants, the company today manufactures a wide variety of products.

The unique and efficient power management system in Makita’s cordless drills and power tools prevents over-discharging, overcharging, and excess battery drainage. The unique LXT (extreme protection) feature on modern Makita cordless power tools allows them to resist onsite water and dust for added durability and performance. 

Makita is also manufacturing brushless motors these days. Especially with the cordless designs. These brushless motors climates carbon brushes, which means quieter and cooler performance even in load conditions. Also, the brushless motors provide up to 50% more battery run time.

Makita’s tools are very easily upgradeable and have a large variety of additional purchase options available. These tools are great in enacting the productivity and efficiency of the user. 

Though they cost a little bit more, they are still worth the price. Thus, if you are looking for simple yet durable power tools that last, then Makita’s tools are surely what you need.



Founded In 1886, the Bosch was founded in Germany by Sir Robert Bosch. So the first thing that comes to your mind when we hear the word Bosch is extreme performance, durable built quality, and reliability. Surprisingly, the Bosch charity organization holds 90% shares to date. 

Bosch holds the credit for battery technology. Their high-end power tools are super compact. Even their 12V cordless power tools are super powerful and have the same power as corded tools.

Even the cheapest Bosch tools are fueled with all the comfort features that make its use and feel much more premium and high-end. The convenient single-handed operation mode can easily be executed, thanks to the lightweight and compact design and years of engineering research.

The tools are super versatile and can be confidently used for professional tasks and regular day-to-day tasks. Though they are a little pricier than others, still the built quality and reliability are worth experiencing.

Black and Decker

black and decker power tools

Again, another famous American power tool brand; black and decker. With over a century old now, this company has a lot of experience in the tool manufacturing industry. Ever since its evolution, the company has kept producing state-of-the-art tools.

In 1960, the black and decker acquired Dewalt. Doing so made Dewalt focus more on the manufacturing of the best professional tools. In contrast, Black and decker focused on day-to-day tools. 

Most of the black and decker tools are very economically priced at a nominal tag. Also, these Black and Decker tools come with very easy-to-purchase add-ons options. The power tools support the ecosystem very nicely. Most of the batteries can be interchangeably used with supporting tools from the same brand.

Apart from the drills and accessories, Black and decker also manufacture most products belonging to the customer-oriented marketplace. This is why it manufactures lawnmowers, blowers/vacuums, and cooking appliances like toasters or tea makers.  The company also manufactures healthcare.

Thus, if you are looking for nominally priced tools, especially for your household use, Black and Decker’s tools are a perfect fit.


ryobi power tools

Another great modern manufacturer, Ryobi. Ryobi shares its parent company with Milwaukee, i.e., Techtronic Industries (TTI). Ryobi’s organ is Japanese. And its majority of the lineup consists of mid-entry level power tools. 

These tools can easily be identified by their signature green color. These products are priced at a very cheap price tag and are cheaper than most of the average price tags of the brands listed in this article.

Today Ryobi has over ten thousand workforce employees and can generate billions of annual revenue.  Most of the manufacturing plants are in the US and China. The majority of power tools are intended for day-to-day household use. 

On average, the power tools have a limited 2/3 years warranty. As most of the products are not intended for extreme professional use, that’s why the price tag is kept relatively nominal. The most running lineup is One+. These include 18V battery backups of power tools, and this alone battery supports a drastic ecosystem.

With this battery alone, there are almost 180 products that this 18V One+ battery can power. The battery is a lithium-ion battery designed to meet the everyday uses of cordless tools. Thus, they provide epic versatility and productivity on the go.

Thus, they are too intended for DIYers, and regular day-to-day household uses who are looking for budget purchase.



Another great value power tool manufacturer. The company emerged in 1923 in Ohio. The interesting part about the new Ridgid batteries is that all the newly purchased batteries and chargers are now lifetimes serviced. This means that with a small registration, and all your batteries and chargers can be serviced for a lifetime.

The Ridgid products are recognized by their signature orange and gray color. The major part of the lineup includes 18V cordless tools. Apart from that, the corded power tools, Jobmax, lights, tile saws, vacuum, and much more. 

The average lineup of Ridgid includes nominally priced regular day-to-day power tools. Despite the cheap price tag, the build quality is phenomenal and made to last. Unlike the other brands like Ryobi or Milwaukee, Ridgid batteries can’t be used at that interchange. 

Overall, the tools are very durable and have easy additional purchase options available too. Even with a limited lineup of power tools, these tools still offer purchasing of additional power tools. So as per your need or budget, you can select the tools that your task demands.

Professional and Homeowner Power Tools:

Following is brief segregation between professional and regular day-to-day power tools brands. However, this is subjected to most of the lineup. The companies do have some lineups that do not include the actual target audience.

However, this is only despite a picture of what most of the audience is targeted at. This exclusion is made based on majority/ average selling prices, built quality, comfort feature, included and supporting tools, and most importantly, the ultimate performance.

Professional Power Tools
  • Dewalt
  • Milwaukee
  • Makita
  • Bosch
Homeowner Power Tools
  • Black And Decker
  • Ridgid
  • Ryobi
  • Craftsman

Does The Brushless Motor Worth It?

Brushless motors are the solution to modern needs. Talking about them in detail, they don’t include carbon brushes. Even in load conditions, the machine remains quiet and cool. This is extremely comfortable under heavy load conditions. 

Apart from that, brushless motors are very efficient in cordless designs. These motors remain cooler, and because of it, it provides up to 50% increased battery runtime. Because of most modern battery management systems, the brushless motors provide an extra-long battery runtime.

What is the Best Power Tool Brand?

Although all the brands listed above are the best power tool manufacturers worldwide, by carefully observing the performance and all the necessary checkmarks, we have concluded that Dewalt is the best power tool brand.

Although all the brands are great and special, they are too good at some point than others. However, Dewalt fulfills all the criteria of the best power tool brands like built quality, durability, performance, and long-lasting life.

We all know that while searching for the best power tool brand, the two most important metrics are performance and durability. We know that Dewalt’s tools are a little pricier than the other rival brands. But honestly, the additional price is worth it. This makes the built quality amazing, and the tool lives long-lasting.

Does the German or American Build of Power Tools Make a Difference?

Most manufacturing plants lie in three regions, i.e., Japanese, German, and American. As far as the German tools are concerned, they speak their pride themselves. Just look at Dewalt or Bosch finish which is the result of German manufacturing. These tools have the excellent built quality and are worth experiencing.

The secret lies in their years of engineering research and innovations in these particular fields. However, whenever we hear about the American-made, the first thing that clicks our minds is the well-trained workforce’s superior quality.

The Bottom Line:

Finally, towards the end of this article, we revealed the world’s best power tool brands. These included Dewalt, Milwaukee, Makita, Black and Decker, Craftsman, Ryobi, Ridgid, and borsch. However, all of these brands are the best sellers and have different target audiences. Because of this, they have different built qualities and price tag brackets.

So it’s not justified to rank them on this basis. However, talking about the particular brand that ticks all the quality and comfort’s checkmark is undoubtedly Dewalt. However, other tool brands like Ryobi, black and decker, and Ridgid are well known for their DIYer alike products; great for normal household tasks. 

These products have a cheap price tag, yet their built quality is awesome and great for household use. And suppose you are looking for even more durability and better-built quality, then in our opinion. In that case, you should consider power tool brands like Dewalt, Makita, Milwaukee, and Bosch. Almost all of these have the best performance power tools and are extremely durable and long-lasting.

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