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Best Right Angle Drills Reviewed & Comparison

These are the best 90 degree drills you can get in the market in 2023.
Best Drills
Disclaimer: Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission.

Many times, the standard tools are not just enough for the entire work. Sometimes the help for more powerful tools is needed to finish the task and let you keep moving. This is where the super handy right angle cordless drills come into play. The right-angle drills are perfect tools that have extra torque. Its most exciting feature is getting into tight spaces, where most of the drill fails to reach.

Apart from that, it has impressive torque speeds and many features that add to its comfort. But as usual, it’s not easy to find the best right angle drill for yourself. So brace yourself as we will be reviewing and comparing the top seven products side-by-side in a moment.

Best Right Angle Drills

Benefits of Right Angle Drill

Although all drills are good at some point, yet some drills are exclusively made for specific applications. Here are few benefits of the right angle drills over the usual drill:

Efficient Brushless Motor

Most of the right angle drills are powered by brushless motors. This new technology has many advantages, like saving a lot of battery power and enabling it to last longer. Secondly, it charges fast, and lastly, it provides more torque and is very reliable.

Apart from that, these motors are also intelligent. Most of them have built-in protection systems from overheat, stalling, or overcharging. So overall, they are up to the needs of today’s world.

Comfort Feature

The right-angle drills are incredibly comfortable. They have long necks that make their grip comfortable. Also, they have a large trigger, which typically supports two fingers. Sometimes they even come with secondary handles that further enhance their comfort levels.

Good Option for Tight Places

The right angle drill is very well known for its ability to reach tough and tight spaces. They usually are equipped with a built-in LED light that further lightens up the dark workspaces. Usually, most of the right angle drills come with a cordless design. This further adds to their maneuverability.

Buying Guide

While buying a good right angle drill, you may have many options available. However, there lies a critical point in all of them, whether they are worth purchasing?

Thus while buying a right angle drill, do focus on these points:

Top 7 Best Right Angle Drills (Comparison)

Our Top Picks for Best Right Angle Drills

Best Overall
Dewalt (DCD740C1) 20V Right Angle Cordless Drill And Driver Kit
Dewalt (DCD740C1) 20V Right Angle Cordless Drill And Driver Kit


  • Dual speed control
  • 20V durable motor
  • Clean and simple design
  • Comfortable grip and a long trigger
  • Compact head to reach tight places
Expert’s Pick
Dewalt Flexvolt (DCD460T2) Max 60V Right Angle 1/2 In. Cordless Drill
Dewalt Flexvolt (DCD460T2) Max 60V Right Angle 1/2 In. Cordless Drill


  • 60 V brushless motor
  • E-clutch for smooth and reliable drilling
  • Comfortable design
  • Designed for heavy-duty tasks
  • Dual speed range control
Best Performance
Milwaukee (2415-20 M12) 12V Right Angle 3/4 In. Cordless Drill With Tools
Milwaukee (2415-20 M12) 12V Right Angle 3/4 In. Cordless Drill With Tools


  • 12V efficient  cordless motor 
  • Comfortable grip
  • Value for money
  • E-clutch with 11 options + drilling mode
  • Battery LED indicator 

1. Dewalt (DCD740C1) 20V Right Angle Cordless Drill and Driver Kit

Dewalt 20V Right Angle Drill is our top pick for the best cordless right angle drill. The company is well reputed for making reliable drill machines. Like other products, this Dewalt angle drill is very durable and possesses a very minimal design. It is a top-selling product with the best reviews online.

Variety of Configurations

These drills come in 4 different configurations with very little price difference:

  • 14 Pcs Drill Bit Set
  • 45 Pcs Drill Bit Set
  • Drill Set Only
  • Right Angle Drill Attachment

Thus the user can choose from these configurations according to their need and usability.

Dual Speed Ranges

Although the trigger on Dewalt right angle drill is sensitive to the degree of applied pressure, the drill’s speed increases as the pressure on the trigger increases. 

But hold on! Instead of a speed dial, there is a button that switches between two speeds. As a result, the dual-speed control enables the user to operate in low (0-650 rpm) or high (0-2000 rpm) speed ranges. This provides the user with a more precise and accurate drilling experience.

Lightweight Design

Overall the entire design is simple, clean, and very lightweight. The machine is designed to ease the operator from fatigue caused by prolonged tasks. Due to the multi-grip functionality on this drill, the user can easily hold it in more than one position. Lastly, the design is made to provide excellent drilling support in tight places.

Power SourceBattery Powered
Voltage20 Volts
Maximum Chuck Size20 Millimeters
  • Variety of configurations 
  • Versatile to use & has a keyless chuck
  • 20V durable motor & up to 2000 rpm output
  • Dual speed ranges with easy switching 
  • Ergonomic and lightweight design
  • A long trigger for better grip and increased control
  • The LED may turn too bright for some scenarios that might blind your view
  • It comes with a soft case 

2. Milwaukee (2415-20 M12) 12V Right Angle 3/4 In. Cordless Drill with Tools

This Milwaukee right angle drill is one of the famous 90-degree angle drills over the web. It’s designed in a red and black finish that makes its design look very eye-catching. The price tag on this machine is very affordable, despite its attractive comfort features.

Affordable Price

This Milwaukee M12 right angle drill has a very affordable price tag compared to other drill machines’ prices. You would hardly find such features of a branded drill at such a low price. Moreover, it also has a five-year long-lasting warranty.

Easy To Use Design

This drill machine has a cordless motor that adds to its mobility and enables it to be used in tight spaces. Thanks to the embedded LED light, which illuminates the dark workspaces for a better drilling experience. This product weighs only 2.3 pounds, and the drill is super durable. Due to the extended paddle switch, the users can control the drill in numerous positions.

Exclusive Drill Modes

This drill features a 3/8-Inches chuck for better versatility and firm drill bit grip. The machine is even equipped with an electronic clutch for precise and reliable drilling. E-clutch 11 settings, and the drill mode altogether, makes its entire drilling performance worth experiencing.

Power SourceBattery Powered
Voltage12 Volts
Maximum Chuck Size6.35 Millimeters
  • Simple, durable & lightweight design
  • 12 V cordless motor 
  • Affordable price 
  • Battery life indicator and built-in LED
  • M-12 lithium-ion battery
  • E-clutch with 11 options + drilling mode
  • Extended grip for better drilling 
  • The torque-speed is relatively low, and you might experience its output speed as not up to the mark

3. Dewalt Flexvolt (DCD460T2) Max 60V Right Angle 1/2 In. Cordless Drill + Batteries + Tools

This drill machine is an absolute beast. Frankly, it can adjust itself from 20 Volts to 60 Volts, depending on the output you expect. This also has many configurations and has lovely torque speeds. It is even equipped with dual speed adjustment and E-clutch that adds to its performance.

Absolute Beast Performance

Its design features a 60V brushless motor that can provide the best performance regardless of the severity of the task. Also, it features an intelligent battery system that changes its consumption when the load/tools are changed to provide unparalleled performance.

Comfortable Drilling Experience

The comfort features are not less, either. Like the robust motor design, the engineers have paid close attention to its design to provide maximum drilling comfort. 

The Electronic clutch can detect anti-torque stalls and smartly controls its speed. To control and handle the 1250 rpm output on this beast, the engineers have equipped adjustable bail handles and dual-position side handles for extra control.

Extreme Reliability

The machine has the output ability of corded design, yet the mobility offered is of the cordless design. For detailed information of corded drills ,do check out; Best corded drill in the market . Though the price paid for this utter beast is a little more than the drills mentioned above, yet the reliability and robust motor justify the price tag.

Power SourceBattery Powered
Voltage60 Volts
Maximum Chuck Size13 Millimeters
Maximum Rotational Speed1250 RPM
  • Automatically adjustable motor
  • Extremely durable and reliable to perform all heavy-duty tasks. 
  • 60 V brushless motor for efficient delivery of demanded power
  • Dual speed range control
  • E-clutch for added durability 
  • Huge output torque
  • Highly comfortable features
  • No case included
  • Not a good option for regular day-to-day use as it is packed with too much power

4. Makita (XAD02Z) 18V LXT 3/8 Inches, Cordless Right Angle Drill without Tools

Suppose you’re looking for a fantastic and clean drill for average and above-average uses; in that case, this Makita right angle drill is the best option for you. It’s sold as a single tool only. And it has a fairly decent price tag. You can buy the tool only or with the complete kit. This depends on your use and budget.

Impressive Torque Speed

The motor can deliver impressive torque speeds. Usually the impact drivers are well known for their impressive torque speeds and impulse-like working mechanism;check out best impact driver for your tool kit. The machine can output up to 1800 revs per minute. Powerful enough!

Variable Speed Adjustment

Like most drill drivers, this product also has the variable speed adjustment feature. Due to this design feature, the user can use the drill in a more precise way. The motor on this drill has four poles.

Ergonomic Design

The chuck on this machine has a 3/8 inch size. This drill machine’s weight is only 3 pounds, making it easy to use for a long time. The new and advanced efficient power management system increases battery life by up to 50%. Also, it has three times faster charging.

Power SourceBattery Powered
Voltage18 Volts
Amperage3 Amps
  • Keyless 3/8 inch chuck
  • Four pole motor delivers up to 1800 RPM
  • Variable speed control for large drilling applications
  • More extensive battery backup; faster charging
  • Overload, over-discharge, and overheat protection
  • The tool only configuration has no battery or charger. The purchasing of these items increase the price by almost two folds

5. Makita (ADO3R1) Max 12V CXT 3/8-In Cordless Right Angle Drill with Entire Tool Kit

If you are low on budget and looking to buy a reliable machine, this product is the best fit. This tool kit includes a Makita right angle drill, battery, charger, and a hard case. The drill is a 12 V cordless right angle drill that weighs only 2.6 Pounds. The motor can deliver up to 1100RPM.

Best Budget Deal

This drill combo has four items; drill, battery, charger, and hard case. The price tag is very affordable, as you would hardly find such deals for this price. The drill doesn’t lack in performance due to its low cost. It has all the necessary functionalities that have got you covered for everyday tasks.

Compact Design

The design is clean and straightforward. The weight of this right angle drill is only 2.6 lbs. with a battery. The long holding grip is very comfortable and helps it reach tight places. The 3/8 inches chuck is keyed for improved performance and grip. The built-in LED illuminates dark environments.

Power SourceBattery Powered
Voltage12 Volts
Maximum Rotational Speed1100 RPM
Amperage4 Amps
  • 12 V Motor delivers up to 1100 RPM
  • Worth the price
  • Reliable drill design
  • A productive blend of tools
  • Built-in LED 
  • The 3/8 inch chuck is not keyless
  • Entry-level configuration 

6. Ryobi One+ (P241) 18V Cordless Right Angle Drill without Battery

This product is also one of our best picks. A clean and user-friendly design with a decent price tag. This is one of the best-rated products online. The machine can output 1100 RPM and has a power consumption of 18 volts. The keyless chuck has a size of 3/8 inches and is lightened by a LED.

Onboard Magnetic Tray

The outstanding feature of this drill machine is that it has a built-in magnetic tray. This is a lovely comfort feature as the tray can hold your bits, fasteners, or even small tools. This will ease the drilling and will help when both hands are holding the drill.

Excellent Grip and Long Neck

The drill has another feature that adds to its comfort, and it is that the drill is equipped with an excellent grip. The grip holds the drill even in slippery conditions allowing the user to execute the drilling tasks properly.

Extra Compatibility with One+ Products

The 18V batteries are easily compatible with One+ product. This means improved control and productivity on the go.  Many other products are also compatible with these batteries.

Power SourceBattery Powered
Voltage18 Volts
Maximum Chuck Size10 Millimeters
Maximum Rotational Speed1100 RPM
  • Keyless 3/8 inch chuck
  • The motor delivers up to 1100 RPM
  • Lightweight design
  • Built-in LED light 
  • Onboard magnetic tray
  • Comfortable grip + long neck design
  • Batteries are compatible with other ONE+ products
  • No batteries included. To be purchased separately 

7. Bosch (PS11BN) 12V 3/8-In Right Angle Drill with Tool Insert Tray

One of our favorite products. Handy yet equally powerful. It has a very decent price tag with very excellent features. It comes with a 12 V battery, but it can deliver up to 1300 RPM. The comfort is not less on this machine either. The best part of this drill is that it has five positions that enable it to be used in 90 degrees to 180-degree range.

Five Drilling Positions

The feature that sets this right angle drill apart from others is that this drill is super productive. Yes! It is.

The drill has a five-level pivoted head that can move from 90 degrees to 180 degrees. So no need to worry about not being able to reach hard places. This drill machine has got you covered.

Unparalleled Power

Despite the handy design, the drill has impressive power. It can output 1300 RPM while weighing only 2.75 lbs. The power is of no use without the proper tools. So this drill is very versatile and convenient in this regard. The drill has a variety of applications and tools’ replacement available.

Exclusive Storage Tray

The Bosch PS11BN comes with a special tray. This helps in storing drill bits and components in a very organized way. Plus, it also helps in easy mobility and transporting drill and its components.

Power SourceBattery Powered
Voltage12 Volts
Maximum Chuck Size13 Millimeters
Maximum Rotational Speed1300 RPM
  • It comes with a storage tray
  • Adjustable speed trigger for controllable speed + plenty of torque
  • 3/8 inch auto-lock chuck with five positions option
  • Easy tool replacement
  • 12 V Motor delivers up to 1300 RPM
  • Value for money
  • Lightweight and comfortable grip
  • Some people may find the keyless chuck non-responsive as the bit may often fall 
  • One speed only. The speed can only be varied through the pressure applied on trigger
  • Battery and charger to be purchased separately 

Frequently Asked Questions


To conclude, there may be hundreds of options available online and on-stores that may sound very appealing and suitable to buy. Still, all options are not worth spending money. Right angle drills are excellent for drilling, especially in places where there is a lack of space.  

So due to their minimal and compact design, they can easily manage to reach such places. Do check out the short buying guide and see if it helps.

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